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To be fair, the Corvette was the wrong car for those comparisons.

Finally, a good writing day yesterday. Lots of it was in the barrow story, which is a story for next month not this one, but hey, I'll take it. And some of it was in response to your promptage. Sort of. In the sense that ideas were sparked in my head when I read the prompts. Thus I fear Wednesday's ficspam may well not be recognizable as prompt responses. I trust this will not disappoint you all too much.

Most prompts I can't finish in time, and I know that already. For instance, beatrice_otter's prompt, which I couldn't make sense of at all until I used Google. In response to that one I wrote 700 words. Of outline. For a strange little far-future story. That I won't be writing for Wednesday, so it goes into the story ideas file. Because I needed more story ideas. *thud*

Remind me to poke sahiya into responding to my Big Bang rules & schedule proposal that I emailed her a couple of weeks ago.

Research moment: Oh British-speaking friends! If I say something steers like a go-cart, do you know what I mean by that? If not, what would be the equivalent term for a go-cart or a shifter cart?
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