star trek mccoy

I still crush on McCoy when I bother to think about it.

Star Trek: my first fandom.
Doctor McCoy: my first fandom crush.
Star Trek: the latest movie trailer.

It's obviously a serious re-write of the previous series canon, and more things blow up than ever blew up before. Zachary Quinto is shockingly Nimoy-ish, though of course his voice is all wrong. It's not yet clear to me it'll be good, but it is clear that I'll be parked in a seat on opening night or very soon thereafter.

How about you?
</i>Spock is more archetypal, maybe?</i>

Definitely. My minister friend and I had a whole discussion one day about Star Trek representing Modern and Post-Modern thought through the characters of Spock and Data. Spock, of course, being the Modernism with the need for science and logic and Data the Post-Modern with the desire to explore feelings and the meaning of being human.

I absolutely agree about Snape, as well. In some ways, the series had as much to do with his development as a character as Harry's.