star trek mccoy

I still crush on McCoy when I bother to think about it.

Star Trek: my first fandom.
Doctor McCoy: my first fandom crush.
Star Trek: the latest movie trailer.

It's obviously a serious re-write of the previous series canon, and more things blow up than ever blew up before. Zachary Quinto is shockingly Nimoy-ish, though of course his voice is all wrong. It's not yet clear to me it'll be good, but it is clear that I'll be parked in a seat on opening night or very soon thereafter.

How about you?
Spock and Snape are both iconic characters in their own ways. Though Snape stands out as being one of the few complex characters in Rowling's books. Spock is more archetypal, maybe?
</i>Spock is more archetypal, maybe?</i>

Definitely. My minister friend and I had a whole discussion one day about Star Trek representing Modern and Post-Modern thought through the characters of Spock and Data. Spock, of course, being the Modernism with the need for science and logic and Data the Post-Modern with the desire to explore feelings and the meaning of being human.

I absolutely agree about Snape, as well. In some ways, the series had as much to do with his development as a character as Harry's.