star trek mccoy

I still crush on McCoy when I bother to think about it.

Star Trek: my first fandom.
Doctor McCoy: my first fandom crush.
Star Trek: the latest movie trailer.

It's obviously a serious re-write of the previous series canon, and more things blow up than ever blew up before. Zachary Quinto is shockingly Nimoy-ish, though of course his voice is all wrong. It's not yet clear to me it'll be good, but it is clear that I'll be parked in a seat on opening night or very soon thereafter.

How about you?
I find it incredibly awesome that someone older should only become more and more handsome and suave with age -- take Ian McKellen as an example, over 60, comes out of the closet, stars in SEVERAL action films, gets several action figures, acts opposite another really suave handsome older man (Stewart!), and gets to wear a purple coat in a scene while doing it. Jean Grey is a great character, and the scene is serious, but somehow I always die when I see that purple coat. Oh, and then he takes a much younger boyfriend to the Oscars during the height of the Lord of the Rings mania.