star trek mccoy

I still crush on McCoy when I bother to think about it.

Star Trek: my first fandom.
Doctor McCoy: my first fandom crush.
Star Trek: the latest movie trailer.

It's obviously a serious re-write of the previous series canon, and more things blow up than ever blew up before. Zachary Quinto is shockingly Nimoy-ish, though of course his voice is all wrong. It's not yet clear to me it'll be good, but it is clear that I'll be parked in a seat on opening night or very soon thereafter.

How about you?
McCoy? Really? *gives you a gold star*
I was a Spock gal, followed closely by Sulu. Never gave a damn about Kirk, never will :)
Really! Seriously! Had a major McCoy crush when I was a teenager. Spock was close. I'll happily ship McCoy/Spock right this instant if anybody wants some shippage.
Ship! ship! ship!

Spock/McCoy: They bonded over being emotionally exhausted by Kirk.
I'm eager to see it.

I've always been a Scotty gal myself, though I wouldn't turn down Bones' southern charm.

Am contemplating digging the box of Trek fanfic zines out of the closet where it's languished for the last 20 years.
The Internet is great for fanfiction. It's all over the place! Easy to find and read and enjoy! Though the lowered barrier to entry does create its own set of problems.
Heh. My sister loved McCoy. He always seemed too old to me. I think my first Star Trek crush was Chekov. I was really little and for some reason he reminded me of my first teevee love, Davy Jones. When I rediscovered ST again ten years later, I wanted nothing more than to throw Capt Kirk to the floor of the bridge and make sweet intergalactic lurve to him. Macho, sexist, silly, and yet deliciously virile. Yum!
I've always had a thing about the older men. Giles is a departure for me in that he's more or less my age. (In the series, that is, when I watched it, Giles was my age. ASH himself is a decade older than I am.)
You replied too fast. I didn't get to correct my spelling.

I've always loved older men as well. Giles counts as older, because, in my mind, I relate more to the teenage characters on the show. In real life Head's 14 yrs older than me. He was born the same year as my brother and several of my brother-in-laws. Most of the older men I loved in rl were more like twenty yrs older than me, which is a little gross, I guess.
I find it incredibly awesome that someone older should only become more and more handsome and suave with age -- take Ian McKellen as an example, over 60, comes out of the closet, stars in SEVERAL action films, gets several action figures, acts opposite another really suave handsome older man (Stewart!), and gets to wear a purple coat in a scene while doing it. Jean Grey is a great character, and the scene is serious, but somehow I always die when I see that purple coat. Oh, and then he takes a much younger boyfriend to the Oscars during the height of the Lord of the Rings mania.
McCoy was always too much like one of my uncles. I liked Chekhov best. Kirk annoyed the hell out of me as a little girl, but I grew to like his character enough that I already think I'm going to hate the new version. There's just something that tweaks wrong about that particular actor.

But it's Trek. I'll be there.
Pine isn't quite right in affect, somehow, yeah. I'm willing to give him and the movie a shot, though. Because as you say, it's Trek.
Pine has that terrible Teenage Actor affect, something that's at home in an American Pie movie, but not anywhere else. This is like Keanu Reeves appearing in Much Ado About Nothing.

Zach Quinto on the other hand has a thoroughly mature approach to voice and affect -- yes, there is that slight wrongness of his voice as compared to Nimoy's, but his look and mannerisms more than make up for it, not to mention his almost frightening intensity. I have confidence in his ability to take this role and completely erase Sylar from our minds.
OMG I was a total McCoy fangirl. Love him and McCoy/Spock was probably my first slashy thought, though I never realized that until recently. As for seeing the movie, I have to for one reason, Simon Pegg as Scotty. LUVS HIM!
Oh, I'm definitely an older man kinda girl, which is why I crushed hard on Spock. I was only 12/13 when I first got into Star Trek. It wasn't just his age, though, it was the cool control he exuded. It was kinda the same quality that drew me to Snape, or at least the way Alan Rickman plays Snape. Maybe it was "still waters run deep" kinda thing. It was that hint of roiling, tumultuous passion held in check that fascinated me.

I would totally love to see some McCoy/Spock fic if you're writing it! What would that be? ScCoy? McSpock? o.O
Spock and Snape are both iconic characters in their own ways. Though Snape stands out as being one of the few complex characters in Rowling's books. Spock is more archetypal, maybe?
</i>Spock is more archetypal, maybe?</i>

Definitely. My minister friend and I had a whole discussion one day about Star Trek representing Modern and Post-Modern thought through the characters of Spock and Data. Spock, of course, being the Modernism with the need for science and logic and Data the Post-Modern with the desire to explore feelings and the meaning of being human.

I absolutely agree about Snape, as well. In some ways, the series had as much to do with his development as a character as Harry's.
Oh, I will be there. McCoy was always my favorite, too, though not exactly in a crush-y way. :)