There was a Children in Need short with the Merlin actors in character. ASH as Uther was suspiciously guyliner-y, and, well, I was reminded of the guyliner he wore in "Band Candy". Cough.
This is a NEW fetish? ASH has been fetish-worthy in eyeliner for a long time. ;)
Eyeliner? Sorry, I never got my eyes above the leather boots and pants.

Merlin has now been moved to *next* on the viewing list.

I am reliably informed he gets some clothes off in the most recent episode. I will be verifying this for myself shortly. Possibly over and over.
Oooh, Uther kicks arse! I'm fetishing over all of him, but those lines tonight? I could hear slashers squee during Merlin tonight.

kivrin is so right about Merlin/Arthur being classically slashy, with the destiny thing making one of them the protector of the other. And Arthur's such a noble dude.

But Uther's got the tragic past mojo working. The weight of the past is on him the way it's sort of supposed to be on Arthur late in his reign, if this story were anything like the Arthurian legends. Which is isn't, even in the least. It's a totally different story that borrows the names to try to steal some emotional weight from them.

Huh. Merlin is like extreme AU fanfic of the Arthurian legends.
I'm totally on board with that. I was just watching the Doctor Who Confidential for his episode. I really want some headmaster!ASH now.
He was so creepy in that episode. Which was, by the way, the very first Doctor Who of any kind that I watched. And I thought the script was awful.
That clip and my enjoyment of Merlin this week - Uther gets all butch with swords and finds the time to be haunted and sad about his tragic and violent past, bless - prompted my one and only to ask in a baffled fashion:

'How old does this old man have to get before you stop fancying him?'

and his follow up question was:

'How fat does he have to get?'

How brutal, sometimes it's as if we hardly know each other.

Mr Pedia, who already understands the cruel things middle age does to us all, would never ask such questions. Though I did subject him to an "oh my god that man is handsome" moment when ASH was in profile in closeup.
You've only just discovered ASH in guyliner?! Last night's Merlin ep was totally droolworthy, sword, leather, boots and shirt off, what more could a girl ask for?

If you want more ASH with guyliner, try his movie "Sparkle". It's really not worth viewing for anything other than ASH's scenes and in particular the scene where he dresses for an 80s style party, mucho guyliner. :)
kk, will investigate Sparkle.

And it's not so much that I haven't seen ASH in guyliner before, as that I just discovered that I have a little thing about it. Hee!
Oh man, I've been successfully avoiding Merlin because I've read some very poor reviews of the show but this comment exchange is making me want to watch it just for ASH (which I know is the main reason many are watching). Is it really worth the time investment?
Things to keep in mind about Merlin:

- The storyline bears only a passing resemblance to any version of the Arthurian legends you might have read before. The names are the same. Knights are involved. Otherwise, no similarities.
- The scripts started off really amazingly bad, but have improved. I outright enjoyed the most recent episode.
- The anachronisms might make your brain hurt. They do mine.
- The two boys (Merlin & Arthur) have a tres slashy relationship. There are women around, but there's no vibe. (Unless you are evil like me and want to read Uther/Morgana fic.)
- Uther is the most interesting character, as in the most complex one, and it's not just the ASH fan in me saying that. So you'll be watching for him mostly, unless the younger characters strike your fancy.
*watches on Youtube*

Oh, that was painful. But, yes, the eyeliner is pretty.

Fine, fine... I shall have to download Merlin. Though it can't help but be disappointing after The Invisibles.