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What to do, what to do

Well, illness really stomped on my vague plans to hit a NaNo wordcount goal this month. Oh well. Maybe next year.

I really want to post something this week if I can. I find that if I let weeks and weeks go by without posting finished fic, my annoying neuroses start kicking in and I begin to freeze up. The way to keep the machine of my writing brain working smoothly is to keep it working constantly. So I want to finish and post something this week. But how?

Let's see. What files have I touched recently?

This one's fun, but I take the project too seriously to want to dash it off within the week. It's maybe 12K words before it's done, anyway, so no way I could finish it.
Post-apocalyptic Giles/Buffy/Xander. Perhaps finishable. Might reserve it, though.
Long, dark, wild, kinky, and a major project that will take months.
Or one chapter thererof. Giles and his dad, post-Eyghon, a bit of a melodramatic mess though. Possibly I could pull it out. I worry that it's a retread of material that other authors have done better with, though.
The story I'm working on most, a meaty one, to be posted in December because of themes.
Morally reprehensible, but written for my own amusement anyway. Not finishable.
Abandoned as a mess. I'll strip-mine the material for other, better stories some day.
Giles/Xander, Attic-verse, what happened when they got home after making out in the car. Not a lot written, but finishable.
Giles-Buffy smarm, Attic-verse, the oft-mentioned thing on murder and paternalism. A soppy mess but finishable.

Oh, man, I dunno. Maybe the smutty happy GX, just to get my hand in again. I could probably also pick up and finish off the Buffy/Riley segment of Blackmail. I dunno. What do you want to read?

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