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Fic I wish existed, a partial list

sahiya demanded that I post a fic wishlist, so here is such a thing. Fic I wish existed:

- a story about adult Giles and his parents, about the traditions of Watchers
- Giles the historian: any tale of his professional life pre-Sunnydale
- Giles the librarian: any tale of Giles doing his Sunnydale job
- a mystery with Giles as Holmes and Willow as Watson, non-shippy, high school era
- Giles's adventure with the Doctor of your choice
- Giles/Ethan, pre-series: the wizard and his bodyguard
- Giles/Jenny, early dating days, cheerful with verbal pyrotechnics and major UST
- Giles/Buffy with mystical Watcher/Slayer bonding and high ritual magic
- post-apocalyptic Giles/Buffy, grim yet sweet
- Giles/Buffy with tattooing and primitivism
- Giles/Buffy/Xander of any kind, though preferably smutty
- kinky Giles/Xander, preferably Xander topping

Now I want to write all of these. Oh sigh.
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The story I started that I wanted to finish for the Buffy Big Bang might qualify as B/G Bonding/Magic. Also, the librarian thing has stuck a chord, mind if I borrow it?
All ideas borrowable, thievable, reusable, etc. It's possible for ten people to write any one of them and write ten very different stories, and wouldn't that be fun?
I do believe you have a birthday coming up don't you? And the last time I wrote something for you it was of the smutty G/B/X variety. Maybe I'll see what I can do.
I have my own G/B/X sort of in outline stage. Post-apocalyptic GBX, in some ways.

Hey! Wait! Aren't you all recovering with a Brand New Daughter(tm)? How is she?

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Yay for more writing from you!

Sarah is doing well. She can be stubborn and fussy at times, but then again, she's our daughter, lol. There will be another picture type post soonish.