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Fic I wish existed, a partial list

sahiya demanded that I post a fic wishlist, so here is such a thing. Fic I wish existed:

- a story about adult Giles and his parents, about the traditions of Watchers
- Giles the historian: any tale of his professional life pre-Sunnydale
- Giles the librarian: any tale of Giles doing his Sunnydale job
- a mystery with Giles as Holmes and Willow as Watson, non-shippy, high school era
- Giles's adventure with the Doctor of your choice
- Giles/Ethan, pre-series: the wizard and his bodyguard
- Giles/Jenny, early dating days, cheerful with verbal pyrotechnics and major UST
- Giles/Buffy with mystical Watcher/Slayer bonding and high ritual magic
- post-apocalyptic Giles/Buffy, grim yet sweet
- Giles/Buffy with tattooing and primitivism
- Giles/Buffy/Xander of any kind, though preferably smutty
- kinky Giles/Xander, preferably Xander topping

Now I want to write all of these. Oh sigh.
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