Incautious optimism

I slept through the night. Okay, it was ten hours of sleep, which is absurdly a lot, but still! I slept and did not wake fifty times because of coughing! My antibiotics are done! I wrote a little bit last night, for the first time in a week! Maybe I'm getting better!

I kinda want a cup of coffee right now.
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Everybody warns me against expecting to leap back into action. We'll see what happens at the gym on Tuesday.
I think about bouncing... and then blow my nose instead. I've exceeded my tissue budget for the year.
Please don't forget to tell your trainer that you're recovering from Pneumonia.

And, yes, you can whine and do the "But, Mom" thing at me. But four weeks is four weeks.

Cautious hugs,
He knows. I'll remind him. And he's such a geek I wouldn't put it past him to have already researched recovery programs for it. Heh.
Yay for you !
Do remain cautious, bacteria can be sneaky (as would House say).
Mr P asked me to do ten jumping jacks and I refused in horror. Now I return to researching for my current story.
4 budgietoes up! (A whole foot, they don't have thumbs.) Sleeping peacefully is V. good. Writing is also V. good.
Mr Pedia just took me out for brunch then napped with me. I am content. Writing now. Writing about rain on soggy English pastures and Xander with wet hair in his face.
Whew, that's a relief. Keep taking it easy for awhile though.