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Okay, this is pathetic, but I'm feeling pathetic. Fic me. As I stare in horror at the impending antibiotic dose time, after which I will be a shaky wreck, I need fic to console me. Bleat. Links to the surprising, the new, the classically comforting in times of illness?
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*hugs* Have you reread Transformations lately? Sometimes that is just the ticket for me.

I have been trying to write you something to-the-point, but for the moment, have a scrap of set-up. And also, look! Uther! *points at icon*

"He says, er, take a deep breath and let it out a-as completely as you can," Giles translated, as the doctor settled the smooth disc of his stethoscope against Buffy's back.

"Okay." Now that she was actually sitting on the exam table she figured it wouldn't happen, just like Mom used to say that the car always ran fine for the mechanic, but when she drew a long breath something creaked inside her chest, high on the left, under the band of her bra. It creaked again when she let the air out, until at the very bottom of the exhale she had to bend over with a hard, raspy cough that made her head and her abdominals hurt.

The doctor touched her arm gently. "Encore une fois," he said.


"Got that one, Giles, thanks," Buffy tossed over her shoulder. She regretted it when she caught Giles' worried frown. This time her chest didn't creak, but when she coughed she almost saw stars, and Giles as well as the doctor put a hand on her back. "I'm okay," she told them, turning around.

The doctor pursed his lips under his silky-looking little moustache and let out a stream of French.

"You have pneumonia," Giles said. "Concentrated in your left lower... lobe? And he's prescribing antibiotics, and recommends a, er, something to help you breathe. I imagine an inhaler." He held up his hand with his thumb towards his mouth and moved his index finger up and down as if pressing a button. "C'est ca?"

"But... but my chest doesn't hurt! I don't have a fever! Not a bad one, anyway! I don't... Giles, I'm really not that sick, I... are you sure?" she asked the doctor.

He shrugged, very Frenchily, and said something while he scribbled on her chart.

"It's possible to have it without a fever, and you most certainly do have it." Giles lowered his voice and added rapidly, "I expect your metabolism contributes to an atypical presentation."

"Woo hoo." Buffy coughed again, grimacing. Giles put a hand on her shoulder.

"Let's get you back to the hotel, all right?"

Buffy let herself droop against him. "Okay."
Because I am absent from LJ so much, I missed that you have pneumonia. That sucks. I remember being incredulous that I could possibly be so sick for so long. I kept trying to go back to work, and having to leave a couple of hours after I showed up. Take care of yourself.
I'm trying to keep in mind that the recovery will take a while. I'm already kinda stir-crazy, but it's quite clear I can't do anything at all. Gah.
I went through my bookmarks and brought out a number of my favorites (and some that just happened to catch my eye as I went through the list). There are lots of different fandoms in here, some I know you know, others I have no clue whether you're into. I did focus more on fandoms you're into but I'm so polyfandom that it didn't work well, but these are the ones I tend to go to. Should keep you busy for a while.
Well, as you remember I emailed you that GO storyarc, but for some reason, I doubt that fic about WWI trench warfare will be very yay! uplifting! for somebody who's ill. :-P [sarcasm alert] Cause yeah, that's what *I* like to read when I'm puny: war stories full of death and despair and blood and blown-off bits. And mustard gas, don't forget the mustard gas. Yeah, that'll get your mind off that pneumonia business.
"Poof" is one of those stories I love dearly but always have to make excuses for. And yet! It's funny. I love ponghead!Buffy.