Antibiotics can be harsh

My days are divided in two: before I take the antibiotic, and after. Before, I'm definitely sick, wheezy and congested and tired. After, I'm hammered. Incoherent, prone to sudden naps, weak, confused, hapless. It takes about 12 hours to wear off. It's stunning.

If it weren't obviously clearing my lungs up, I'd quit taking the stuff in horror.

Been sick for two weeks straight now, and am resenting it. It took me less time than this to recover when I had major surgery. Grrf. C'mon, body, get with it.

On the up side, I've completely kicked caffeine.
Antibiotics are indeed hell, but damn do they work.

I'm not surprised that it's taking you longer to get over this, your whole body is fighting the good fight. Surgery is getting over the shock to the system and often we bounce back quicker than we think.

How many more days of the antibiotic do you have left? Would it help to tick off the days until you're done with the treatment?
One more dose left: Friday's. After that, it should be a gradual rise upward in health & functionality. The fever's already mostly gone.
Patience, sweetie. You do not want to screw with the pneumonia. Understand that naps are healing, so indulge. Keep those fluids coming too. Thinking of you.