most emphatically

Yay! history!

I stayed awake just for that speech. Now I go to bed happy. It was an awesome speech. He knocked it out.

No. Wait. Not entirely happy. I don't know what the deal is with prop 8 yet. Looks like it's leading. Grrrrrrrrrr.
Yeah, I don't get the prop 8 thing. Even my formerly red state of Ohio voted down banning gay marriage. *shakes head*
A massive influx of out of state money that we reacted to late. And the high turnout for Obama. That's what I think did it.
Evidently none of the bay area precincts have reported yet. So, I remain cautiously uncertain.
Damn. Humans are just so disappointingly cruel to one another. I just don't understand why someone would willingly vote to take basic rights away from someone else. It's like that Depeche Mode song.
One way or another we'll know tomorrow. I really hope that a big Obama turnout will mean that Prop. 8 will fail.
I think it worked exactly the opposite way: the strong minority turnout for Obama meant a lot of socially conservative voters.
It seems very weird to me that 8 passed and 4 failed (parental notification). Am curious to see post-hoc analysis
Now the hard work begins. And I like that the tone of the speech made it clear he understands it.
I was wondering what happened with Prop 8.

But many, many congrats on the election.
It's such a relief. I haven't felt this good the day after an election since 1992. I really didn't let myself believe it last night, even.
Totally not about the (yay) election: did you get my e-mail?
Hey, A.

If you did get it, and haven't had a chance to answer, then sorry for poking. But in case you didn't, I sent an e-mail to your lj eddress on Sunday re if I can kneel at your feet and tug your skirt/fashionable trousers to beg you to look over the next few chunks of Giles Thing?

Re: Totally not about the (yay) election: did you get my e-mail?
Shit, no, I didn't get it. Resend it right now, and I faithfully promise it will not be spambucketed. Or just use antennapedia at gmail directly, that should work.

My coherence levels in the last few days have NOT been high, but my brain function is finally returning. Beta-reading would be just the ticket.