In other news, omg I'm sick

My mainstay through this election cycle has been, a site run by a couple of the statisticians from another of my favorite sites, the Baseball Prospectus. Their aim is more or less the same aim they had with BP: to cut through the nonsense and figure out which statistics truly matter. Nate Silver looks at the recent poll data, tells you which polls are junk and why, exposes his own models, and then says why he thinks the most likely outcome on election night is an Obama victory.

Also noteworthy is the series of articles they've done on the two candidates' field offices around the nation. Read them all under the "on the road" tag. Fascinating reading; highly recommended.
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Nate is fantastic, isn't he?

and YOU need to get well. *pets you, makes tea*
Mr Pedia just misread your icon as "what would Cuddly do?" and strongly prefers his reading to the real one. What use this information has, I'm not sure, but I pass it along.
Tea is the solution. Hot, with honey. Hope you feel better soon, hope your emergency dog is fine, hope your existence calms down.
Emergency Dog just got her stitches out today! She had a benign tumor on her lip, which didn't appear to interfere with her gobbling habits even in the slightest. Mr Pedia nearly came home from the vet with another kitten, but resisted. Barely.

I've just been guzzling OJ. Perhaps it's time to switch to something hot.