Oh noes! The travel meme!

Some of these memes I just can't resist. Especially when I'm working from home, feet up on the couch, with my work task for the day already completed.

Find out where I've traveled.

Grew up in New England, moved to the West Coast, drove across country and back once for fun:

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World travel, pathetic:

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or vertaling Duits Nederlands

I had lunch earlier this week with a former coworker who just got back from eight and a half months traveling. He flew to London then went overland (by bus, mostly) to Cape Town, by way of Turkey. He's Canadian, a tall fit-looking white male; he had a safe trip. He had many interesting things to say about Africa, poverty, technology in the third world, AIDS, and the violent crime spawned by gulfs in wealth in places like South Africa. Fantastic trip; was great to see him again looking so happy about his experience. I'm envious.
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I'd really like to rec "Moving Day" on giles_fic_recs, but I worry that it won't have the full weight without "Four Nights and a Revelation," and I remember you saying that you want to revise "Four Nights." So would you rather I hold off for the moment?
Nah, go ahead. Believe it or not, I let it cool down for a couple of weeks, tinkered with a re-draft, and then decided that it worked just fine as it was. So go ahead and make my day. Or possibly my week :)