Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Oh noes! penicillin should have been on this list

Home, home, glorious home, where the dirty glasses are in the same place they were two weeks ago, and the laundry hamper is full even before I've opened my suitcase. Ah, yes, home, which has about 200% more sunshine than sleeting London had.

I am in love with Strepcil lozenges, which kept my cold at bay for two days. But now I'm down for the count.

Meanwhile, the write-five-things-starting-with-this-letter meme is cycling around again. saskia139 has assigned me the letter P:

Peanut butter, the staple of the American childhood. Or mine, anyway. I lived on plain peanut butter sandwiches. Or PB + bacon sandwiches. No, really, they're great. Also, PB + chocolate.

Pillows, preferably lots of them. I sleep with about five normally, and if I had more I could work with that. I mound them all around me, and generally sleep face-down half on top of one.

Portobello Road in London, where I just stayed for a week. Overcrowded with tourists buying dubious antiques on Saturday, but otherwise a neighborhood that reminds me of Noe Valley in SF. There's a Lush store on it where a heavily tattooed and pierced young man showed me how to use their goopy body butter stuff.

Plastic, a material that takes a lot of abuse but is the workhorse of our society. I'm typing on plastic keys, sitting in an airplane seat that's mostly plastic, and wearing a warm vest made from recycled plastic bottles. Handy stuff, and it doesn't have to be cheesy.

The printing press, duplicator of newspapers, political tracts, novels, self-help books, art books, maps, all the information that civilization has shared with itself over the last 400+ years. I'm a fan.

PS: What's this I hear about a Who fandom apocalypse? Surely one is impending after today's news.
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