When you run out of clean clothes, it's time to head home

As I lie on my upper bunk in my Yotel cabin at Heathrow, waiting for my morning flight home, I type into several files. One is the GX story I started writing yesterday after completely pitching the one I had in progress (2000 words, every single one of them wrong). Another is the fully detailed Buffyverse Big Bang ficathon proposal, with dates and milestones and rules and whatnot that I will soon send to sahiya for review and improvement.

The third is this list of Things I have seen in England that I quite liked :

Avebury and the surrounding country
Glastonbury Tor
Glastonbury Abbey
The Tate Britain
The Imperial War Museum (London or other branches)
The London Eye
The Churchill War Rooms
Highgate Cemetery
London Transport Museum
The National Portrait Gallery
London Walks
St Dunstan-in-the-east
St Stephen Walbrook
Evensong at Kings College Chapel, Cambridge
Jeremy Bentham's Auto-Icon
Jeremy Irons on stage

Hmm. Probably this isn't exhaustive. Also, note that I saw some of them on my earlier visits. I've now spent six weeks total tooling around this country. We were sleeted on today while walking around. Briefly, it's true, but it's a sign that the weather is turning. Time to head home to sunny California.

Yawn! Also time to sleep.
It was a long flight, but it was also empty, so we were both in rows to ourselves! Yay!

The Yotel was a great solution to the "1 night at the airport hotel before an early flight" problem. I'd do it again.
Funny, I was sleeted and snowed on today, and I haven't traveled anywhere!
Sounds like you had a good visit.

I got sleeted on too. It's not funny in October and I'm having to rework Halloween costumes as kids resembling smurfs won't work well. I'm thinking global warming was absent from London today.
Somebody told me that you had no summer this year, or not so's you'd notice. We had mostly sunny weather during our visit, so I am so not complaining!
Evensong at King's! *swoon* I don't suppose you could tell me what they sang?