Giles/Ethan friends


Glastonbury Tor: makes me want to write more stories set there. Right, then! The Tor is worth a special trip, I think.

Have now conquered the task of navigating on English roads while TW drives. The resemblance to New England and, say, rural Massachusetts, is impressive. More later.
Glastonbury is extremely inspirational, isn't it? I long to go back there someday.

Have you been to Chalice Well? If not, I highly recommend a stop there.

The roads may resemble rural New England, but they drive soooooooo much faster on them over there! I annoyed several English drivers by driving 30-40ish on the windy country roads whilst they wanted to do more like 50-60.
We bagged on Chalice Well. Mistake? prolly. But I think I'll be back. And yeah, we were the slowest thing on the road. Let me tell you, I'm not used to that. Cough.