Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

A spotty update

Me: Still alive.
truwest: Still putting up with me.
London: Still a great city.
Weather: Still wonderful.
Tate Britain: Still my favorite.
Kensal Green: Not as atmospheric as Highgate, but I haven't done the catacombs by flashlight tour so what do I know?
Tomorrow: Relocation to Cambridge.
Mr Pedia: Keeping me updated on politics and the pets. We had a Very Small Dog emergency over the weekend that seems to have resolved well. Though surprise! dog surgery! is never going to leave Mr Pedia feeling calm.

sahiya and I just hammered out a schedule for the Buffyverse Big Bang ficathon that we think will work. I'll write it all up and start populating buffy_bigbang with the information soon.

Now have a couple thousand words more of the first story of this pair, which is tentatively titled "Back By Teatime". I need to set it aside now, though. I need to write first-time fluffy awkward Giles/Xander before Oct 30. I think my working title is "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love", because it's a good title. I'm going with 100% less alcoholism, though. I'm also pondering doing a self-structured NaNo next month, shooting for the word count though not necessarily in a single story.

I know what I'm writing for the Big Bang. It's been more than a year. Time to bear down and finish it.
Tags: vacation, writing

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