Giles/Xander 4

A spotty update

Me: Still alive.
truwest: Still putting up with me.
London: Still a great city.
Weather: Still wonderful.
Tate Britain: Still my favorite.
Kensal Green: Not as atmospheric as Highgate, but I haven't done the catacombs by flashlight tour so what do I know?
Tomorrow: Relocation to Cambridge.
Mr Pedia: Keeping me updated on politics and the pets. We had a Very Small Dog emergency over the weekend that seems to have resolved well. Though surprise! dog surgery! is never going to leave Mr Pedia feeling calm.

sahiya and I just hammered out a schedule for the Buffyverse Big Bang ficathon that we think will work. I'll write it all up and start populating buffy_bigbang with the information soon.

Now have a couple thousand words more of the first story of this pair, which is tentatively titled "Back By Teatime". I need to set it aside now, though. I need to write first-time fluffy awkward Giles/Xander before Oct 30. I think my working title is "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love", because it's a good title. I'm going with 100% less alcoholism, though. I'm also pondering doing a self-structured NaNo next month, shooting for the word count though not necessarily in a single story.

I know what I'm writing for the Big Bang. It's been more than a year. Time to bear down and finish it.
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Can I be the first to be enthusiastic for more of "Back by Teatime?" I just reread what you'd previously posted and want to break out the pom poms to cheer you on to writing more.
*waves* Glad to hear you're having fun. My husband called me this morning and told me his company had a few good positions opening up in London. Said he could apply for one if I wanted to relocate. Hmm...Something to consider. I wouldn't be able to take my dog with me. Difficult to say if that should go under the plus or minus column.
The pet problem is the barrier for us. There's no way we'd subject our vaccinated-for-their-whole-lives pets to 6 months of suffering in cages.
Cambridge Uni is where I drank away my early twenties, I mean worked very hard to earn my degree.

If you want a recent history overdose go to Granchester - a small village a very pleasant walk by the river away. Rupert Brooke used to live there, his name can be seen on the war memorial at the church and the Bloomsbury Group used to frolic in the Orchard where you can take tea.

If you are going to look around any of the colleges then Kings College Chapel is a must, it is jaw-dropping. Also walk through the college and see it from the river - a view like no other.

Am turning into some mad tourist information person. Shall stop bugging you with recs and simply wish you a very pleasant time :-)
Kings College is truwest's alma mater, so I believe I will be seeing a bunch of it.

Rupert Brooke fact noted.
I read Signet Ring for the first time today and the fact that it's going to be your story for the Big Bang makes me very happy. The fic sounds so very promising it would be a shame not to finish it.

Hope you're having a great time in England (and a weather better than the one on the other side of the Channel)
How was Cambridge?

We're still in Cambridge, and will be for another day or so. I am loving the city so far-- it's a college town in many ways, but a college town with some serious history and beauty.