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Two stories fermenting, in truth

Taking a few hours off from vacation to hunker down in a distressingly twee cafe and commit crossover fic. Icon is the hint. Do wish I could spend my vacation doing exactly this, but I guess it would be a bit of a waste of a plane flight. Will wander down south somewhere later to let a few paintings vibe at me. Feed the Turner urge, see some cordage and drowning men.

Or I might walk to Kensal Green, staying in the funerary mode.The Highgate Cemetery tourguide name-checked Galsworthy and Soames's meditation on the passing of an age at us yesterday, and I'm wondering if my previous post on the topic got read. Heh. The tour hit some of the same high spots as my first one, but the guide was different and had a very different focus. E.g., we learned about mourning clothing. I was happy to repeat the tour and absorb more, um, vibe.

Darn it. Need more coffee.
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