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West Wing rantage

A letter to Sorkin about The West Wing season 4/5 cliffhanger and resolution:

Dear Sorkin--

Now I get why you dumped Hoynes so implausibly and without prep or warning or setup or sanity. It was to manufacture the cheesiest, most gimmicky crisis ever with faked-up cross-party tensions. Bah humbug. And now I get to listen to somebody else's dialog playing it out.

But-- and this is a ginormous but-- the twenth-fifth amendment allows the President to pass the office to the Vice President. I'm not a lawyer, but it doesn't mention anybody else, and I'm thinking this plot is a big no-go in reality.

Also, I really have no patience for families acting pissy about not being included in decisions of state made by one member who happens to be head of state. When I'm president, my husband will cope with the fact that my job isn't his and that I'll be making difficult decisions without him. Though I guess this one isn't your fault, since you were in detox instead of writing this episode.

sincerely yours,

PS: Am enjoying John Goodman in his role, though.

PPS: Lord, I hate nearly every single musical decision made by you, your producers, and W. G. "Thuddy" Walden.

Darn it. Everything I've read says the series flounders sans Sorkin, so it's like how I felt when I watched the last ep of season 5 BtVS: the good stuff is behind me now. Sniffle.
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