Giles/Xander 3

Leave the laundry to ruin itself while you addle your brain at the talkies.

1. Am home.
2. We have two cats, one of whom demanded her rightful allotment of cream the moment she showed her nose.
3. There's one dead rat on the porch. That's fewer dead rats than I expected. Also fewer dead rats in shoes than I expected.
4. Laundry never does itself. Why is this?

I have about two and a half days of peace before I get on a plane and head UK-ward. Whatever shall I write during those two days of peace? Let's see. What's in progress?
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A couple of those are stealth projects, including the darkfic prompt table story. (Hint: Giles, Ethan, Buffy, possibly with slashes between all three, a descent into hell.) You can also see my stunning working title philosophy in action. Missing from this list: Giles/Spike ficathon fic, also Giles/Spike post-Chosen sanshu in Santa Cruz.

My finished stories output is really low this year, but there's a lot of stuff in the half-finished state. What I need is incentive/motivation/inspiration to finish specific things. Oh sigh.

In conclusion, I note that I might have to get BPAL's Mourning Moon just because, well, Donne. Also, eek! Wind in the Wllows themed scents!
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I also am not sure it'll work, but I just ordered it. What is not to love about that poem? So much in there, from the spiritual to the obscene.
Have a good time in the UK. Also, I feel that my fic output is very low this year too, though in fact it isn't.
Thank you! I will. I'll post something in the next day or so with a vague itinerary in case anybody wants to get together for a drink or something at some point. I should have done this last week, I realize.

Now where's my itinerary? Rummage, rummage...

(And you've written tons! In one story, yeah, but that story's a huge one.)