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Slime versus dust

I don't know if Appaloosa is the slashiest movie ever, but it had its slashy moments. It matched yesterday's Western Diamondback BPAL perfectly. Mild, slow-paced, nothing special, but a pleasant experience. When I left the theater after the latest Coen brothers movie, I felt like I had been slimed. But after this movie I felt okay about life. Is that a recommendation? I'm unsure. The movie has a lot of Viggo in a period haircut on a horse. If that image appeals, by all means see the movie.

I don't feel like fic wittering today. Rejoice!

I now own all of Angel: the Series on DVD. I should rip S1 to iPod format for my upcoming vacation. Hm. Or I could rewatch Buffy season 4. Decisions, decisions. Is Wesley enough of a draw to overcome Giles in Magic Box suits? (Oops, I meant in sloppy sweaters. I was also considering S5.)

I'm down to the wire on what I'll be posting tomorrow at gilesxander. Please kill me now. Oh, wait, that was wittering.
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