Wimsey tee hee

Slime versus dust

I don't know if Appaloosa is the slashiest movie ever, but it had its slashy moments. It matched yesterday's Western Diamondback BPAL perfectly. Mild, slow-paced, nothing special, but a pleasant experience. When I left the theater after the latest Coen brothers movie, I felt like I had been slimed. But after this movie I felt okay about life. Is that a recommendation? I'm unsure. The movie has a lot of Viggo in a period haircut on a horse. If that image appeals, by all means see the movie.

I don't feel like fic wittering today. Rejoice!

I now own all of Angel: the Series on DVD. I should rip S1 to iPod format for my upcoming vacation. Hm. Or I could rewatch Buffy season 4. Decisions, decisions. Is Wesley enough of a draw to overcome Giles in Magic Box suits? (Oops, I meant in sloppy sweaters. I was also considering S5.)

I'm down to the wire on what I'll be posting tomorrow at gilesxander. Please kill me now. Oh, wait, that was wittering.
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You could compromise by ripping only the Wesley episodes of AtS 1...
I should probably just buckle down and watch it. I have to hope I like Cordelia more in AtS than I did in BtVS.
You're not! I adore early Wes as well, but I do love darker, later season Wes if only for all the angsty possibilities.
I think the transformation of Wesley's character over the five season just slightly edges out Giles in suits/sloppy sweaters. But only just. There are great episodes, good episodes and downright AWFUL episodes in Angel, but I really do think you'll enjoy it. And I won't even push the inherent slashiness of Angel and Wesley. Much.
Even my non-fannish coworkers tell me I must watch AtS for Wesley's character arc. Therefore I must. Someday. Soon.
Giles. Definitely. *duh*

I think I may watch Appaloosa ,a movie starring both Viggo Mortensen and Ed Harris on horses cannot be bad (if it were the case, my mental universe would be destroyed).
And I want to feel okay about life after watching a film with Mortensen, because it's not going to happen with The Road.
Arturo Pérez-Reverte's Captain Diego Alatriste, the taciturn and somber hero of a series of historical novels.
Actually, they aren't my favorite books of the author (who also wrote Club Dumas, The Fencing Master, The Flanders Panel, The Queen of the South, etc.) but Viggo Mortensen played a pretty good Alatriste in the eponymous movie.