She made him a sandwich? really?

Episode 2 of Merlin had a painfully predictable plot, but was less thuddy than the pilot. Episode 3 was sort of enjoyable.

Mr P watched part of #3 with me and cringed at the anachronisms. "The BBC is humiliating itself," he said, and later, "I thought they knew about history in Britain because they have some." He shouted at the screen about a plot hole, and then asked me why I was watching it.

"Head is playing Uther."

"This is the most embarrassing thing I've ever seen you do," he said and stomped out of the room.

I don't think it was that bad, dear. I liked traumatic-angsty-past!Uther, and ASH biting out "leave me" was quite satisfying. Arthur is dishy if you like your Arthurs young.

PS: My condolences to Cubs fans. Keep on plugging. You'll get there eventually.
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Heh, you're not alone. I've watched a few bad things for a certain actor and I know there is worse out there that I could suffer through. I've been holding off on watching Merlin until it's all out so I can sit and watch it all at once.
I probably undersold it in this entry by giving you Mr P's reactions. It's not brilliant, but it's gorgeous to look at. It's kid's TV, and if you approach it that way it seems fine.

It'll get a US broadcast, if I recall correctly. Some US network picked it up intact.

Oh, I would have watched it anyway, if only for ASH and my love of the Arthurian legend. So no worries there.
I think anachronistic kiddie fiction is the worst kind. The whole point about seeing other eras and cultures is that they are other. "Why doesn't Merlin just text Arthur the answer?" grumble. He did _last_ week. Where's the dirt? Where the sewage draining down the street? This isn't some civilized Moorish town with sewers and sanitation.
Merlin is total pants, and what they've done to the Arthurian legend is quite upsetting. However, ASH does a nice turn as the grumpy king.

It seemed they took the names and vague ideas of the roles and smushed them together into a strange new story. I'm not sure why they had to declare it was about Merlin and Arthur instead of inventing new names for everybody-- the association is not working in their favor as I watch. Sigh. Oh well. ASH is still handsome.
I think if you ignore Arthurian legend then you'll enjoy it!!

As with a lot of BBC stuff now, you have to disengage brain before watching.

Thank GOD Spooks is back soon.
Meanwhile, American TV is giving me Pushing Daisies, which is just plain awesome and weird and glorious.
Maybe the BBC is losing it's touch I was watching the "Smoke in the North" on Masterpiece Theatre - primarily because Billie Piper was in it. As it continued, it got progressively more and more anachronistic. It was disturbing - and I don't even consider myself a stickler for these things.
I want some kind of consistency, some kind of stable approach I can cope with. But really, I'll ignore it if I'm given a good script. I can put up with all kinds of nonsense science in Eureka, for instance, if the puzzle of the week is amusing. Though my satisfaction is greater if the science is *also* good. The same here: if the scripts were better I'd forget all abou the sandwiches and the cute labels on the castle walls reading "Court Physician".
I was going to see the pilot -really- but I ended watching "Passion" once again and got my ASH fix of the day.
Merlin will have to wait a few more months (but with ASH in it, I know I'll cave in).
I started watching "Intervention" randomly today. Lots of Giles in that one, being all warm and Gilesy. (Including the scene that made this icon!)
I don't think it's set in historical Britain somehow ... and the 'historical' nature of Arthur and Merlin is subject to a great deal of debate.

We (my dearly beloved and I) are fairly convinced it's actually a D&D campaign, based (loosely) on Arthurian legend. We've already had D&D coinage (gold peices!) and this time round we had the monster encounter, complete with looking up its stats in the monster manual. Merlin, Arthur, Gwin etc are all low level, but earning experience, and Uther is the high level, semi-retired character now living in his personal stronghold (with a dragon in his basement - someone has to guard the treasure ...) Almost veryone else - villans included - are NPCs, and therefore expendable. And if you watch it on that basis, it's a fairly entertaining way to pass the time.

I think ASH is doing a fine job with the scripts he's being given - and he was being very kingly this week, with the whole 'I have to protect my people' approach.

I had awesome dreams last night, full of Big Strong Men: the Fourth Doctor, David Boreanaz as himself (I recall telling him I liked Booth but not Angel), and Rupert Giles. Rawr.
Lol - I love Mr P's reaction. I quite liked ep 3, the show seems to have settled down a bit. Shocking acting and script though, but ASH and all the knights look awfully dishy swanking around in their cloaks and armour.

Do you always check fandom_secrets? Todays ecret 116 is quite interesting if you lke trolls. Apparently if you're over 30 and still writing fanfiction you're doing life wrong. Oops, have just turned 31, oh the shame.
That secret was all-around charming, don't you think? It'll be fun to see how that poster's attitudes change when she, say, hits 20.

I liked the math secret that used BG as its OTP, which I chose to interpret the obvious way :)
Yesterday I called in Not Coping and spent the majority of the day lying in bed eating candy corn and watching the first four eps of Merlin. Basically it's a Renn Faire, I think - anachronism and especially anachronistic prettiness are part of the fun. Like you, I like angsty!past!Uther and I think Tony looks great with the Caesar haircut.

It was also amusing me how Classically Slashtastic Arthur and Merlin are. They Meet Cute! And then discover that OMG TheirLoveIsSoDestined! A dragon tells Merlin so!