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Laying waste my days

The weekend has gone to a combination of the WOW beta and the latest Steven Brust novel, Jhegaala. The former is excellent; the latter... less so. Not awful, and I'd still rather spend a few hours reading a Brust novel than reading many other things, but there was something missing. An active protagonist, perhaps: Vlad spends too much time eating and drinking and doing nothing in this novel.


I'm bored by my own commentary on "Gas-Ring Alchemy" and I have about a million comments to answer here. I think I'll go re-read The Phoenix Guards for the Nth time.
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This really doesn't have anything to do with anything, but the latest SGA episode made a Brian Eno reference and I totally thought of you because, honestly, I had no clue who Brian Eno was before I knew you. Yay, I guess, or something... >.>

LoL, all I can imagine is a Where's Waldo type thing, which is really cracking me up far more than it should.

Oh, or he could be like a prairie dog just popping up out of nowhere and then disappearing!

It's possible I'm slightly high from my pain meds...lol