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Buffyverse Big Bang ficathon: would you be interested?

sahiya and I have been discussing our love for long-format ficathons for a while. We love reading long stories, and we know lots of you do too. Also, I've been slowly coming to terms with my need to write to deadlines: I've got at least three really long stories that have been hanging unfinished for a while now. I bet some of you are in that boat with me. In short, we think the Buffyverse needs a big bang ficathon, and we're just crazy enough to volunteer to run it.

What's a Big Bang ficathon? It's a challenge, not an exchange, designed to promote longer-format fiction.

big_bang_hd is the original big-bang ficathon. There are a number of others inspired by it, including sgabigbang and tardis_bigbang.

The big-bang format generally includes:
- a high minimum word count, ranging from 20K to 40K for the really big ones
- an art challenge to go with the fic challenge
- internal deadlines structured to help writers conquer the long format
- a support comm for wibbling and wittering
- sometimes, a matching system for writers and beta-readers
- a draft deadline, when artists are matched to stories to illustrate
- a final deadline for both stories and art
- an external archive where stories and art can live for posterity

We're tentatively thinking of doing the following:

- both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series
- any pairing or gen, any rating
- 30,000 word minimum
- writer signups to end in mid-January
- artist signups to end in late February
- an internal progress-check milestone in mid-February
- a fic draft due date on the first of March, after which artists get their stories
- fic + art due-date at the end of March

If you're a writer, would you be interested in writing for a long-format ficathon? Are those winter dates more or less clear for you? If you're an artist, would you be interested in illustrating a story? Have you any words of wisdom for us?
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