Buffyverse Big Bang ficathon: would you be interested?

sahiya and I have been discussing our love for long-format ficathons for a while. We love reading long stories, and we know lots of you do too. Also, I've been slowly coming to terms with my need to write to deadlines: I've got at least three really long stories that have been hanging unfinished for a while now. I bet some of you are in that boat with me. In short, we think the Buffyverse needs a big bang ficathon, and we're just crazy enough to volunteer to run it.

What's a Big Bang ficathon? It's a challenge, not an exchange, designed to promote longer-format fiction.

big_bang_hd is the original big-bang ficathon. There are a number of others inspired by it, including sgabigbang and tardis_bigbang.

The big-bang format generally includes:
- a high minimum word count, ranging from 20K to 40K for the really big ones
- an art challenge to go with the fic challenge
- internal deadlines structured to help writers conquer the long format
- a support comm for wibbling and wittering
- sometimes, a matching system for writers and beta-readers
- a draft deadline, when artists are matched to stories to illustrate
- a final deadline for both stories and art
- an external archive where stories and art can live for posterity

We're tentatively thinking of doing the following:

- both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series
- any pairing or gen, any rating
- 30,000 word minimum
- writer signups to end in mid-January
- artist signups to end in late February
- an internal progress-check milestone in mid-February
- a fic draft due date on the first of March, after which artists get their stories
- fic + art due-date at the end of March

If you're a writer, would you be interested in writing for a long-format ficathon? Are those winter dates more or less clear for you? If you're an artist, would you be interested in illustrating a story? Have you any words of wisdom for us?
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I would love to write, but think maybe the artwork would be more my least for the moment.

I was wondering if you were going to have a list of prompts for the stories?
Probably no list of prompts. Most people approaching long stories will already have something in mind, or perhaps even something in progress already.
I'd be interested. There's a fairly lengthy fic I keep meaning to work on, and this would be the best reason to do it. AUs would be okay, right?
Sounds interesting. I've always wanted to try illustrating a story, though I would likely manip things rather than draw. Still, I might be willing to try both.
*puts hand up* I'd be interested in reading and doing artwork. (Um...graphic arts, that is...I can't draw to save my life!)
But there is no way I'm signing up to write anything--I have enough wips already! lol

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i've already told you yes, but for the record, i would do it. 30,000 makes me nervous, especially since the LAST BTVS ficathon i participated in had me writing something like 4,000 words the night before, BUT, still, yes. dates are good.
You've already written stuff longer than that! I think the trick might be for us to come up with internal deadlines that help people along, each one manageable but pushing things forward. You can do it!

Hey, can I ask you a question about the amount of time an artist needs to work on a project like this? I'm trying to push the little markers around the board in my head to make the schedule something that is achievable, that puts a little deadline pressure on people without making them melt down, and that still doesn't stretch out into something that takes half of next year to do. (I'm kinda aiming for three months total if it's sane. Not sure it is yet.)

So anyway, if you were given a novella-length story draft to read and illustrate, with characters & pairings you like, what's a rough guess about how much time you'd want? Think time + work time + a bit of procrastination time built in? A month-ish?
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That sounds like a great idea. I'd be interested.
There is a crazy part of me that would like to sign up because I have couple of longer stories that I want to write, but the sane part of me is quite aware of the fact that the longest story I've written so far is only a bit over 10000 words long, and even that has taken me over two years to write, so it's probably wisest if I skip the writing part. I could sign up as an artist, though.
Excellent. Artist participation is something I was kinda worried about. From over here in my tiny corner of the Buffy fandom, I only know a few artists and I'm unsure how many the wider fandom has. Am still worried we might not have enough to sustain the art part of the challenge.
You can count me in.

Not as an artist though, because the only thing I can draw is Odie from Garfield. And, he doesn't really have a big (or minor) part in Buffy. :)
I think it sounds really great and the thought of having art done for the fic is even more inspiring. I'd be in. I'll put a blurb for this on my journal sending people over. :D
Yay! I'm with you on the art aspect being cool. I think I've seen enough interest from artists here that we can do an art challenge too.
If I could come up with a suitable premise for a story, I would definitely be on board.
I'd be interested. It might be the kick I need to write one of my new ideas which will be huge.

Would you allow crossovers? One of my ideas is a crossover.
*wibble* I'll do it, do you hear me? I'LL DO IT!

I have a fic series I've started outlining that I'd really like to get working on. I'm not fabulous with deadlines, but I tend to work well with a gun to my head, so LETS DO IT.
I'm absolutely interested, but the timeline seems *much* shorter than it's been for most Big Bang ficathons I've followed (as an example, the recent SGA Big Bang had approximately three months to complete the first draft, with an interim check-in deadline about halfway through; the Doctor Who one had *six months* between the close of signups and check-in).

I'm not saying we need six months, but you're talking about writing 30K words in *six weeks*. Which is do-able, obviously, but is going to be tough for a lot of people--it means most people won't be able to afford to have even one "off" week where they have to deal with, for example, overtime, or family issues. (Yes, NaNo is worse. But NaNo *consumes* that month, or at least it does for me.)