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The television report of woe

Woes. Watched the first episode of Merlin until it became obvious it was going to be awful. ASH looks fab, it's just the lines he's saying and the script as a whole... ugh. I'm going to have to watch The Invisibles and see if this provides my Tony Head fix. Or just resume watching Buffy season 3 for the Nth time.

I'm two episodes behind with Eureka, which has been acceptable so far this season. House I'm watching on the edge of my comfy chair. Heroes... I dunno. I'm waiting for my non-fannish and therefore cold-blooded friends to tell me if the suck continues or not before I watch. Am eagerly awaiting the premiere of Pushing Daisies, about which I will probably be insanely happy. I hope.

Mostly I've been chewing my way through season 4 of The West Wing. When I'm not at work. Which I was until 8pm last night. Woes.
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