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The television report of woe

Woes. Watched the first episode of Merlin until it became obvious it was going to be awful. ASH looks fab, it's just the lines he's saying and the script as a whole... ugh. I'm going to have to watch The Invisibles and see if this provides my Tony Head fix. Or just resume watching Buffy season 3 for the Nth time.

I'm two episodes behind with Eureka, which has been acceptable so far this season. House I'm watching on the edge of my comfy chair. Heroes... I dunno. I'm waiting for my non-fannish and therefore cold-blooded friends to tell me if the suck continues or not before I watch. Am eagerly awaiting the premiere of Pushing Daisies, about which I will probably be insanely happy. I hope.

Mostly I've been chewing my way through season 4 of The West Wing. When I'm not at work. Which I was until 8pm last night. Woes.
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Oh, no! My download of Merlin screwed up last night and I was going to re-up it today. Not worth it, huh? *sniffles*
Magic Eight Ball says "outlook not good". It was a good-looking high-budget costume drama for kids.
You were braver than me! I gave up on "Merli"n after 5 minutes. Even Tony couldn't make up for the badness.
It was the sign on the wall reading "Court Physician" that pushed me over the edge. I might skim ahead just looking for the Tony scenes to watch, but... sigh.
Sigh. It's so dejection-inducing when people are in un-worthwhile projects.

I should get back on the WW s4 train. Someday the woman at church who loaned it to me will want it back.
Season 4 > season 3 so far, in lots of ways. Including the return of a character I liked and had missed.
The 'dinner aith the singer' scene was nifty 'cuz he almost let the smooth-ladies man out, almost.
I will put up with much to get my ASHfix, even Arthur-could-be-anyone-but-hey-kids-like-magic-and-swords. In the Invisibles look for his scenes with Jenny Agutter, especially the one where she checks out his butt. Hell ya!
I'm waiting for the Repo soundtrack, he is in fine voice there.
High budget ASH in armor, yay. But alas, they're so far from any version of the myths I know that I scarcely know what to think.

Write me AU fic with Giles as Merlin and Willow as Nimue! I command it!
Yeah, Merlin was pretty awful, at least for the time spot. It should really be on CBBC for the kids. That said, I'm going to end up watching it, if only for Richard Wilson's awesome wig!
Hmm, if my expectations had been set properly for "anachronistic dumbed-down kids show" I might have almost enjoyed it.
Not liking the rewrite of Merlin, but it's ASH in period costume and I'm a sucker for that.

Don't count on The Invisibles to be any better. Again, I only watched it for ASH content. I'd have to agree that his scenes with Jenny Agutter are the best bits.
I have to confess my friends list lately is making me glad again that I do not watch television on a regular basis. Oh West Wing...a show I never saw that shall be next to be netflixed me thinks. Thanks for the reminder.
Re: Hurm...
The West Wing is... oh man. One of the best TV shows ever on any chart you'd care to draw. Aaron Sorkin's dialog is just so freaking good. Watch the pilot, and you'll see what I mean. He's got two people sitting at a table talking about three different things at once and never saying anything directly at all. Snap snap snap. The characters are awesome. And Martin Sheen's POTUS will make you cry for how far short reality falls.
You might want to stick to West Wing and Buffy, I doubt The Invisibles will ease your woe. I lasted one and a half episodes. ASH's dire performance - in a show full of flat dialogue and bad acting to be fair - isn't easy to watch.

Thanks for the warning about Merlin, think I'll give that one a miss.
Well, I was a huge fan of Heroes it's first season. After watching (actually listening because I was at work) to the first 2 episodes of this season...I was tempted to come home and make a lj post to list all the reasons it bored me.

Hmmm. I still might do that.
I went in to Merlin thinking kids show rewrite, AND only watched the ASH scenes, so that really helped. But, yeah...

I'll go against the crowd and say I liked the Invisibles. Don't put it up against West Wing (because, clearly, that is SOOO not fair) for writing or anything, but it was fun, silly entertainment (course, I could've been blinded by a certain actor's presence...). And his daughter in real life plays his daughter on the show in a couple eps.

I CAN'T WAIT for Repo!

Also, if you're a West Wing fan, you might enjoy
Have you seen it? AWESOME
I liked The Invisibles too. It was just a bit of harmless fun, it wasn't intended to be life changing! But there were several laugh out loud moments and it was great to see Warren Clark being a nice guy for a change. Anthony got to be the grumpy bugger instead, which did get tiresome sometimes as it seemed to be constant. No idea how Jenny Agutter's character managed to put up with him for so many years.