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One: Let's open with the fic wittering, since I feel like I ought to have posted a story last night, but I didn't.

I have 3000 words of angsty post-Eyghon story, with Giles and his dad. That's about 2300 words more than I had on Friday night. Yay. But it's not yet a complete story. Plus it's too on the nose and it's not fleshed out enough, yadda yadda. The usual pre-first-draft complaints.

I worked on three things at the same time, to be honest. One is the Giles-Jenny conversation immediately after "The Dark Age". One is the story of the incident itself, starting with Giles's departure from Oxford, intercut with the above as Giles talks to Jenny. So two story units, three separate batches of story-telling invention. It was fun to invent a new version of the Giles-Ethan-Randall thing, although my Theory of Eyghon has sort of stabilized and there will be echoes of things I've done in other stories with it.

The makes it clear, in case it wasn't already, that "The Co-Conspirators" is in the same little AU as the Giles/Jenny babyfic. Which I dearly hope does not fall into the usual traps of babyfic.

One (a): I implemented the experimental sortable story listing for my archive a while back and I said it didn't seem particularly useful to me. And yet, I have used it every single time I've needed to refer back to something I wrote earlier in a series or wanted to find a link, as in the previous paragraph. Interesting. Okay, interesting if you're me.

Two: I have copies of A Victory of Eagles and Robert McKee's Story in front of me. I'm far more interested in Story. I dimly recall some kind of cliffhanger in the previous Temeraire book, but the book also kinda kicked the desire to care out of me. I wish I'd stopped reading the series after the first book, which I enjoyed completely. I might read HMS Surprise for the Nth time instead. But sahiya says I'll like it so I'll probably read it in the bath and not tell her I put her book at such risk. Wait. I'm on her flist. Doh!

Three: Also! A question for you all! Do you feel the Buffy fandom is in desperate need of a long-format ficathon? A big-bang sort of thing? Perhaps coinciding with NaNoWriMo, though with a smaller wordcount requirement?

Or is this just me admitting finally that I need deadlines and that I want a deadline for the Highgate Cemetery story?

Random: Today's mind-boggler is this survey on income disparities that points to the disparity in not quite the place we expected. In brief, traditional men earn more than everybody else, and traditional women the least. The gap between egalitarian men and egalitarian women is far smaller. There are nuances; do read the article.
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