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House s05e01

I can't remember what the title of the season opener was, or I'd use it.

The disease of the week was mostly a vamp for time. Perhaps an introduction of the themes of the first part of the season: "Everybody lies" has become "everybody dies". I do like the implications of the disease for the character arcs of the new ducklings. They must learn to operate without the training wheels. Also, could you explain to me why the old ducklings are still around? It's past time for them to go.

Wilson raises the stakes in that final conversation, which I spent the entire episode waiting for. And he says the right things. The writers have, I hope, committed themselves to character growth in both of them. Amber's death and that conversation are not things the show can go back on. Or rather, if it does, I stop watching in disgust. But I don't think these writers will.

I wish Cuddy had had more of a function in the script.
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