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Oh noes! Viral secret questions meme

Okay, this secret questions meme is strange. I cannot possibly answer them, because I don't think about most of you in those terms. I see a thin slice of most of you, the persona you choose to project to LJ fandom, and in most cases nothing beyond that. I know a few of you better than that, but... sheesh. How am I suppose to answer #28, for instance?

1. "Emma felt [...] that to be the favourite and intimate of a man who had so many intimates and confidantes, was not the very first distinction in the scale of vanity."
2. nemaihne
3. The Prince of Wales
4. Mr Pedia
5. truwest
6. seldomifever
7. Were any of us that type?
8. Few of you seem likely to have been on the Math Team with me, but if you had been, I'd probably have hung out with you. Because I definitely don't qualify for #7.
9. Lots of you, including those of you with whom I have.
10. Um, those of you who have them?
11. I think I've only seen two of you do this, and only once per at that, so... nobody here. Alas for all of us.
12. Erk.
13. Are any of you arrogant, under-dressed, and in possession of an entitlement complex the size of Pasadena? I think not.
14. glimmergirl
15. Ha. All of you. But mostly Buffy, who isn't real.
16. truwest
17. -like is okay, -ish, isn't. This is Mr Pedia all the way.
18. Are any of you arrogant, over-dressed, and in possession of an entitlement complex the size of the isle of Corsica? I think not.
19. Same as 16.
20. These questions were written by a teenager, weren't they.
21. Anybody who's beta-read for me.
22. Mr Pedia
23. Nobody. Not even my poor boss in RL.
24. Do you really expect me to answer this question in public where the person can read it? Insanity!
25. Mr Pedia. I saw it in action.
26. Uh. I'm married.
27. These questions were written by a teenager, weren't they.
28. Nobody, really. It creeps me out.
29. Mr Pedia
30. Same thing I'd say to anybody: Relax. It'll all come out in the wash.

Don't ask me to pass these on. I'll only stare at you funny.
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