west wing

It was a good day

Today! I had a sahiya with me nearly all day. We watched Stephen Fry's directorial debut, "Bright Young Things", and then we mainlined the end of The West Wing season 3. Both works had something in common: they set themselves up well then ended in messes. But yay! A day spent yammering about writing craft and fandom and politics with a sahiya!
So with my internship, I'm now getting paid for the first time in a year and a half. The first paycheck was spent on necessities. The second paid for some splurging, DVDs I've wanted for a while but couldn't justify the expense of (Buffy seasons 4 & 5, Star Trek: TNG season 3, From The Earth To the Moon, WW season 7). I only got the ones I wanted that were on sale (because I've still got student loans), but I was so glad West Wing season 7 was one of them. WW goes on sale so seldom, and season 7 was my favorite. (Being a staunch Republican, I find the attitude of much of the earlier seasons to be annoying--the first few seasons, particularly, have the underlying assumption that if you don't agree with the political positions of the Bartlett people, you are stupid, mean, evil, or some combination thereof. I still watch and enjoy them, but it puts a definite damper on my enthusiasm.)

But season 7? Oh, I love season 7. Imagine it: a Presidential election in which I actually like and trust and could honestly vote for both candidates.

I dream of an election like that in real life.
The main way that WW differs from reality is that it depicts everyone as caring. As having good intentions. As trying to govern well. When people come into conflict, it's over core values differences. Unlike reality, where we get greedy indifferent powermad incompetents running things into the ground.

This gulf between fantasy and reality sometimes makes me ill when I watch the show.