oxoniensis is doing another Fall Fandom Free-For-All. Basically, you ask for stuff and people fulfill your prompts/requests/other in the comments. Pan-fandom pandemonium. And because I am, um, like that, I compiled a list of the Giles prompts:

+ Fic: Hellblazer (comicverse) Constantine/Rupert Giles. Punk sensibilities
+ Two prompts: Nine, Rose, Giles, Willow; and Giles/Willow.
+ Looking for recs for long BtVS fics, Giles/Buffy and Giles/Ethan among the pairings sought.
+ Fic set during Tabula Rasa, about amnesiac Giles and Spike.
+ Crazy!Spike in the S7 basement, appearance by Giles earns points.
+ Giles/Xander first time. "Fluffy, awkward, Giles being English, Xander being Xander. Some angst and attempted resistance would be nice."
+ BG romance

The Constantine prompt is fascinating. I haven't read the comics in ages and ages, though. Also, am contemplating requesting, but I always feel more comfortable fulfilling requests than making them. But is this on my list of allowed writing activities? Oops.
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I went and left a couple recs...and a couple requests.

After all, I fulfilled a request, I should ask for something. We'll see if anyone goes for either of my requests.
Everybody needs a WTF icon. I also left a request, and am typing nervously at some fluffy Giles/Xander to fulfill one. bad me.