Today's entry is a two-question entry.

I seem to have been doing a great imitation of the absent-minded professor in my life in general these days. Yes, this includes tripping over things that I don't notice while wandering around with my mind entirely somewhere else. It also includes a near-epic failure to keep up with what's going on with you all. Periodically I refresh the page and comment on a random item near the top.

What have I missed recently? Anything good going on around these parts?

I did not miss theoreme's new Giles story, "Veillée d'armes".

I also enjoyed this recent metafandom link: cupidsbow on fandom touchstone stories. I came very late to Giles fandom; for me the Giles touchstone story was The Transformations Quartet by Kris Wahlberg, alas unfinished. Possibly others will occur to me if I think about it some more. Look at the often-recommended authors on giles_fic_recs, and I think some touchstone stories appear. Though the full fandom might not be represented there. Hmm.

What are your Giles fandom touchstone stories?
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Sorry to hear about the distraction/abstraction -- hope your week goes well!
The absent-mindedness isn't all bad! It's a symptom of having interesting problems to work on at work and in my hobbies. It's just that I can't really do the Dick Van Dyke graceful-recovery thing when I run into the ottoman, you know?

Greetings to you and the SBD!
The Transformations Quartet is one of my touchstones, too...though it was still The Transformations Trilogy when I got here. ; )

Gail Christenson has written a lot of great fics that are touchstones of mine, too. She has such a lovely touch with Giles.

Me? I just want to get his clothes off as often as possible.

(whistles with studied innocence)
You're falling down on the job, my friend. When did you last get his clothes off, huh? I ask you!
My first time through BtVS fandom, I was all about Buffy/Willow, so it's only recently that I've been paying much attention to Giles. I think that might make my own touchstone stories different from those of the fandom at large... or maybe not.

Holly's "Being Bad" is a story that I go back to frequently. It was the first good story I stumbled onto that steps the reader through the changes in Buffy and Giles' relationship rather than presenting the pairing as fait accompli, so it was instrumental in shaping my view of how Buffy/Giles could be plausible... and my view of Giles, since I hadn't given much thought to him before that. Given that I had to reword the above twice to avoid quoting "Emergence" with its Watcher Giles and Friend Giles and so on, that probably ought to go on the list, too.
I like "Being Bad", too, and it made my very first ever BG rec list. I like her green card challenge story even better, though.
I wholeheartedly second The Transformations Quartet. I also second what gileswench said about Gail. I think I loved every single one of her stories. Also, Autumnal Equinox.

Ok, so I just looked over my rec list and decided I wanted to add 80% of them as touchstones, lol.

I'm utterly hopeless.
Autumnal Equinox is definitely a touchstone! Watcher/Slayer mythology and weird mystical stuff going on and strange bonds, and early enough in the fandom to set trends.
The Transformations Quartet, like everybody else apparently, and Rari Cross' stories.
I would also add Vatwoman's Watcher series.

(and thank you for mentioning me:)
Rari Coss, "Friends and Lovers". That's the one that's the touchstone story for me for BG. The Transformations Quartet, though it's also BG, is more a touchstone story about Giles for me.