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Today's entry is a two-question entry.

I seem to have been doing a great imitation of the absent-minded professor in my life in general these days. Yes, this includes tripping over things that I don't notice while wandering around with my mind entirely somewhere else. It also includes a near-epic failure to keep up with what's going on with you all. Periodically I refresh the page and comment on a random item near the top.

What have I missed recently? Anything good going on around these parts?

I did not miss theoreme's new Giles story, "Veillée d'armes".

I also enjoyed this recent metafandom link: cupidsbow on fandom touchstone stories. I came very late to Giles fandom; for me the Giles touchstone story was The Transformations Quartet by Kris Wahlberg, alas unfinished. Possibly others will occur to me if I think about it some more. Look at the often-recommended authors on giles_fic_recs, and I think some touchstone stories appear. Though the full fandom might not be represented there. Hmm.

What are your Giles fandom touchstone stories?
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