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Quick recommendation

All tweedy and sarcastic by wisdomeagle. A short story in Tara's point of view, after "Once more with feeling". Tara talks to Giles about their decisions to leave, and thinks about magic and Willow. Genfic.

She wanted to swim in that thought for awhile, try to figure it out, try to figure him out, like he was a person, a man who sang low, sweet love songs to his not-quite-daughter, a man who wiped his glasses too much and knew everything in every volume in this bookshop.

She thought she finally knew what the library must've felt like. Willow said musty and modern and comforting and scary all at once, and like it was new for all of them, but at the same time like they'd been doing it all their lives, and Giles was like the hippest teacher in the history of the world and also "oldy moldy and kinda dull, you know?"
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