You have met these characters before.

I hope you like angsty post-Eyghon stories. Also, I love the intertubes for useful pages like this one.

In conclusion, I hope your weekend has many pleasant things planned for it. Mine does!
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That's an awesome site! I bookmarked it right away.

My weekend will consist of baking a German chocolate cake tomorrow...and then seeking coolness from that moment on.

Oh, and writing articles for the blogs.
That whole site is a freakin' gold mine for research for the Britain of Giles's youth. Yow.

Is it gonna be hot this weekend? Argh. I hate it when I regret not being in my office. (Also, I just read your Project Runway recap, and am... entertained and appalled simultaneously.)
Freakin' gold mine is right! I'm going to learn a lot digging in that mine, too!

I have no inside information on the upcoming weather, but it's always stupid hot around this time, so I see no reason why that should change. Plus there's the fact I'm baking tomorrow.

That was a real hair-ripping episode. Wait until I get to the next one.
Very useful site!

This weekend, I get one week closer to being a mom again. No definite plans. Possibly the library for more books, I've been doing a lot of reading lately.
A coworker of mine who's about as far along as you are has reached the "omg can we get it over with already?" stage. Hee!

Libraries are good. We approve of libraries. They are where the books are. Are you reading fiction or non-fiction?
Oh yes, I'm definitely at that stage.

Fiction mostly. I'm currently devouring Laurel K Hamilton's Merry Gentry series thanks to the hubby.