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That wasn't so bad.

Ficspam over the weekend, yay. And I had a hurt-comforty Giles/Wesley thing that would have completed a second line, but I wasn't happy with it by 11:30pm, so I declined to post. Either I'll fix it up this week or I'll save it for a rainy day. That's item one from my cunning plan checked off. Next up: finishing a GX story in progress. One month to do it. That should be enough time.

Labor Day Weekend is over, and with it summer. Officially summer goes on for a few more weeks, and my part of California might be hotter in mid-September than it was in mid-July, but summer's over in our heads. Fooey to summer! Bring on the fall! I took no vacation this summer but I'll be out for most of October. I have two trips planned. Yay!

Watched Casino Royale with truwest and barbana this weekend. Was reminded that it's a good movie, that nonetheless it had way too much poker, and the pacing was problematic in the first part of act 3. (Perhaps because it's confrontation time, but the nature of this particular confrontation is ... passive? Everything's okay once the clock starts ticking again. Oh, Syd Field 3-act structure, why must you be so useful?) Also, the only fanfiction I could see myself writing in response to this is either sadistically violent gen or mindfuck Bond/M. With M in charge all the way.

And in conclusion, Welcome to the Nancy Tribe needs more signups. Giles, Spike, and Wesley: whisky, tea, and snark. Let's do it!
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