sweater back

The plan! Sans canal or Panama.

  • Finish as many kink_bingo prompts as I can by Sunday. G/X, G/E, G/B/X all possible.
  • Finish mumble mumble G/Xander in progress for Oct 8.
  • As-yet-unknown Giles-Spike-Wes ficathon story for Nov 30.
  • Something special for my birthday on Nov 26, assuming the ficathon story doesn't eat my brain. Another prompt explosion like last year's? A long meaty story finished? What would you like?
  • Something extra-special for the December holidays, which for me involve minimal celebrations but do feature lots of convenient time off.
  • No other organized events. None. Slack is the theme of this fall and winter. Well, no, actually, it's finishing WIPs.
  • WIPs on the list: Ars Draconis, Reconnection, Tradition & Protocol, Watcher's Child, Blackmail.
  • Stories in progress I'd like to finish soon that don't count as serieses: The Trapped in a Cave Cliche Fic, The Highgate Cemetery Timetravel Story, Giles/Spike Post-Series Sanshu-Matic, Doctor Who crossover tagfic (Nine, Rose, Buffy, Giles, Ethan, vampires).

I will now take bets about how long my resolutions will last. I did have a whacky idea in my head about doing themed prompts, one a week. Songfic prompts, where the usual cliches of songfic are made painfully impossible. I'd like to see songfic for what I'm listening to right now, for instance.

  • Current Music: Sky saw : Brian Eno : Another green world
Everytime I see one of your fics-to-do list, it's like looking at a Christmas presents list : I'm feeling like a kid wanting to do all he can in order to make the days go quicker and finally get the goodies.

And I'm all in favor of a "long meaty story" for your birthday! [Actually, aren't you the one supposed to be receiving gifts?]
My vote would go with the Doctor Who crossover, but that might be because I have a picture of Nine, Rose, Giles and Ethan in my head). Said picture should probably stay there too! ;)
[sends good thoughts for whatever you choose]