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Upcoming Giles-y events

Writers! Two events for you to note and love and sign up for:

+ Welcome to the Nancy Tribe: a Giles, Wesley, and Spike ficathon, for all permutations and combinations of those three men. Gen and slash prompts welcome.

+ The second annual gilesxander October fest! This is a seasonal comm style event, where you pick a day and post whatever GXy goodness you want to on that day.

I've signed up to post fic for the GX Octoberfest, and there's a work-in-progress I'm going to nail and finish for that day. Yay! I'm also going to sign up for the Three Englishmen ficathon, though I will freely admit it's not fitting into my wip-finishing project. I'm pondering my prompt, there. I know my flist is full of the G/Wes fans, but I've been hungering for Giles/Spike for a while. And for plotty genfic featuring those two. I have this little scene running in my head of Giles and Spike in a pub, both of them on the outs with Buffy, bored, and itching for the violent release a spot of demon-hunting would bring. And Spike hurling a full glass of beer into the wall because... well. Um. Yeah. I could go on. Maybe I'll find a way to turn that into a non-dictatorial prompt.
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