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Eureka s03e04

We are now caught up with Eureka s03e04.

Interesting. We really expected the time bubble plot from the first season to make an appearance here: Henry knows things that the others still don't. But if the writers are going there, they haven't done it yet. The writerly self-indulgence in this episode was huge! Scriptwriter's dream, all those repeated lines of dialog that take on new meaning in new contexts. I'd have enjoyed the episode just for that game.

They have left themselves several outs, you'll note:

- The necklace macguffin, set up with such effort in the previous episode.
- Stark's comments to Jack that hint that he too has been through the time loops.
- Henry's comments at the wedding about past and future and things being set right.

So my money is on a Stark return. Henry is such an unexploded bomb in these plotlines, ya know? The red-haired administrator Vogler-equivalent chick is boring in comparison. She's up to something. Whatever.

Where do people talk about Eureka on LJ, anyway?
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