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I've been writing a whole bunch, secretly. To no visible effect.

So the deadline for kink_bingo round 1 is Sept 1 and I was noticing that I have a few nearly-complete bingo lines and a few nearly-complete ficlets on my card. But neither GX in Cleveland nor Blackmailverse backstory have anything to do with the WIP I'm trying to finish. I am terminally unable to decide anything.

Specifically, the prompts in progress are: tattooing (G/X in that storyline), hand fetish (Giles+Buffy in that G/X verse), caning (G/Ethan pre-series, Blackmail-verse), temperature play (G/E ditto). Temperature play would complete a line. So would tattooing + caning. I have one for double penetration (Giles/Xander/Buffy in the Cleveland verse, no really) but that would get me no forrader.

Poll #1246195 FicPoll Mark XVII

Your advice to me is:

No distractions! Full speed ahead on that unnamed WIP!
Except that you've secretly been bouncing back and forth between two very, very different WIPs. Please continue vacillating on those and ignore the kink.
Tattooing + caning for one bingo line. I've really been wanting that tattooing thing.
Go for the easy bingo line with the Ethan + temperature play story.
Cleveland-verse Giles/Xander counts as a WIP! No really! This isn't just rationalization.

Pshaw! Stop writing new fiction and...

catch up on Eureka.
play WOW: your Pally can tank anything now!
write more dvd commentaries on the stories I will mention below.
make some kind of dent in the book stack at your bedside.
write the stupid fic archive tool already.
... Wait. Not writing new stories is not allowed. We're chaining you to your Macbook as of right now.
do work-work instead.
spend the evening curled up with your favorite fanfic feeling depressed.
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Except I want it all: WIPs, Bingo, commentaries. I want to know more about Tradition and Protocol. Know I just picked Please for commentary, but Initiation is awesome, too.
Somebody else asked for T&P:I commentary ages ago and I forgot. Fuzzy, mebbe. Will do over the weekend or early next week. I have "Please" in progress.
We have a 5-person group of friends that plays once a week. I'm The Designated Tank, and let me tell you, it's fun. Plus I get to indulge all my control freak tendencies!

Also, icon love. Heh. Ever see the Penny Arcade shirt? [Wang] FS PST.

I WoWed while I was on bedrest during my pregnancy. Great way to kill sixteen hours, let me tell you. Never was able to join a guild though because I was playing on someone elses account and couldn't afford my own subscription. Alas. *sigh*
Oh, wow, I bet that was a savior. I was on bedrest for a week or so during my first attempt at kid-having, and it was utter misery after the first couple of days. And I was allowed to walk around the house. Can be hard to explain to people why it's so crazy making-- "you mean you get to stay in bed all day?" -- but what's a nice change on the odd lazy Saturday feels different when it's enforced.

WoW would totally be an escape. Yeah.