In which I am uncharacteristically chatty.

What? You don't want anything dvd-commentaried-upon? Whatever will my ego do? Trudge off and write some more, quietly, then, which is best for it overall. I'll check back in a month or two when I stop whining about writing and start whining about editing.

Saw "Tropic Thunder" last night with barbana and truwest and to my surprise laughed my head off.

Apparently I left a full coffee cup on the bed yesterday morning and Mr Pedia discovered it the hard way. Oops. How'd I manage that? Waste of perfectly good coffee. No wonder I wandered around the office in a haze yesterday. Today, I'm kickin', though. Started the day off with a workout and now I'm ready to benchpress some code.

Otherwise, man, I got nuthin'. What's up with you? Those of you in hurricane country doing okay?
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How do you leave a coffee cup ON the bed? Your mattress must be much firmer than mine!
I wedged it firmly down among the pillows to make sure it didn't tip over, apparently. I have no memory of doing this, but it's perfectly plausible. We need a nightstand.
That's it. We're going shopping this weekend. No excuses. Just tell me what kind of furniture style makes you happy and we're there...
You a-scare me. Instead come over and help me de-clutter my living room. Your reward will be Blade Runner.
We are getting ready to send Liam of to his first day of third grade tomorrow (YAY!). And I'm (not) looking forward to giving more blood to my doctors on Friday (post upcoming).
The moms are always into that first day of school :) And having blood drawn: eek. I had one incompetent phlebotomist collapse a vein on me once. AAAAAAGH. Then the good one came in and did it, and I barely felt a thing.
I totally missed the dvd commentary part of your last post. I'd like to see one on all of them, eventually, but I think I'd go with short ones for now: Please, Planning Ahead, and Braces and Overalls. Please feel free to blow this request off if you're no longer in the mood, but I am crazy about your Buffy/Giles work and would love to hear more about any of them. :)