Giles/Ethan 2

"Breaking Glass" gets some love

I'm tickled pink to report that "Breaking Glass", a story about Giles and Ethan on holiday, about magic, and about portals, got some lovely attention from the Fang Fetish Awards round 9. The notes from the judges made me particularly happy.

And I note that flistians sahiya, ubiquirk, firefly124, and mireille719 also got some well-deserved kudos. The fandom was ready for stories about Giles and Snape, ready and eager. More crossovers, please!
You'll notice, perhaps, a new feature of my all-singing, all-dancing, all-automated, untouched-by-human-hands fic archive: serieses now have all in one printable versions. E.g., the Breaking-Glass-verse stories. My question for you: how do you like your printable versions? Are they more useful when tuned for offline electronic reading or do you really print them? Would you prefer PDFs?

In other news, I think I might be in love with Scrivener, but I need to live with it a while longer before I'm sure. Most "writer's editors" are gimmicky junk; just use a plain-text editor, shut up, and write. There is no silver bullet. But Scrivener seems to provide me with the tool that I need when I'm outlining, and to transition well to prose-writing. And it imports from MultiMarkdown-formatted text files, which is the plain text markup mode I use for all my story source.

Okay. One more item for tonight. There will be no predictable new fic from me for a while: the WIP I chose to make progress in is, um, gonna take about 50K more words to conclude. Hey, at least I now have an outline I can believe in telling me I'll need all those words! Anyway. No new fic any time soon. So, to scratch what I hope is a mutual itch, DVD commentary time, in which we all prove that the author isn't dead to us no matter what the critics say.

Pick a story that I haven't done already. I'll write commentary. Maybe I'll do two, if inspired.
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For the love of all that's holy, if you have PDFs of the files, let that not be the only version. I loathe them, for the simple reason that I can't adjust them to fit. I can't change the margins, the fonts, the sizing, anything, and that really, really bugs me. .rtf files work great for me. Easily customizable.
I also loathe PDF files, for all the reasons you mention. They're great for giving you printable copies of forms you need to fill out, or anything where controlling the presentation exactly is a win, but... I don't like reading things in PDF. Other people might, though. Doesn't the Kindle display them nicely? I can't remember what format that uses.
I don't know; might check into that. As long as you have another version available, that's all I care about.
Hmm! Giving WriteRoom a try... Distractions are a problem for me, to put it mildly. I have taken to going to cafes with wireless turned off to get myself to stop fidgeting.
I already love Scrivener, and my love is true.

Except for when I can't find functions I really want because I've forgotten where they live in them menus and such.

I haven't printed any of your fic, yet, but when I do print fic it's usually for the purposes of having an actual dead tree version, for those moments when the computer is inaccesible, or sometimes late at night when I want to read but the screen is giving me a headache.

Inacessible refuses to be spelled correctly, no matter how I try. Sorry for that. Is too late. Am too tired.
I'm finding it to be pretty awesome at helping me make sense of my outline and arrange scattered chunks of text into something I might someday melt into a coherent whole. But I'm having a hard time adjusting to not having the editor work exactly like BBEdit. I am so hidebound.

Noted on the printable versions: you print them!

I'm currently trying Liquid Story Binder, which is kind of okay, but I think I will come back to Mindmanager for brainstorming and my good old pen & paper for writing. Nothing beats my old-fashioned and cherished silvery fountain pen.

And please, no PDFs. They make me run away from stories
PDFs get no love and much hate, so I have officially decided not to bother with them!

I keep coming back to a plain text editor, perhaps one that can take over the whole screen. What I also really need is to turn off the Internet while I write.