Core 4

No side-channel this time. It's just what I'm listening to.

The date-sorted story listing on my fic archive site is sort of fascinating to me. Reading the early stuff-- or rather, reading as much of the early stories I can stand before the writing starts upsetting me too much to continue-- makes it clear how much I've learned in the last two years.

Good. My evil plan proceeds apace. Soon I will perhaps Not Suck So Much.

Problems still: on the nose-ness, not enough conflict, exposition that at time thuds like a heavy solid thing accelerating at 9.81 meters/sec^2, sentences that don't get enough editing love, insufficient invention.

And by the way. You can blame emelye_miller for the Skyclad Scoobies on the Solstice Core Four Ritual Sexmagic Plot Bunny. Or choose a verb you like better there.
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I knew you'd follow me on this one. It's either going to be 500 words or 5000. I'm not yet sure which.
Lord Voldemuffin would humbly suggest that 500 words is really far too short to do justice to the complex literary themes. Or the nakedness.