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Oh noes! Dedication meme

Tag 3-5 people on your f-list and ask them to whom they'd dedicate their fic (that you've chosen of course) if it were published "for real." Then those folks have to tag someone else. Make it fun, but make it real.

sahiya has tagged me to do "An Antique Roman".

To shitsu_tonka, for prompting for GIles/Ethan with "Angel to shout at", which made me flash on Ethan sneering at the magical snow in "Amends": I wrote this story for you. To emmessann, who always knows exactly where to hit my stories with the wrench of embetterment. And to Joss Whedon, for squandering a marvelous character and inspiring an in-your-face ficathon all about Ethan.

theblackmare, "The Bird Bone Flute" (hey, you reading lj, friend?)
gileswench, "Snips & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails"
penwiper26, "Shadow Though It Be" (or the entire series if you wish)

The album of the week: John Beltran, Human Engine.
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