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I usually treat the music field as a communication side-channel.

"Clytus, I'm bored. What plaything can you offer me today?"
"An obscure body in the S-K system, your majesty. The inhabitants refer to it as the planet Earth."
"How peaceful it looks."

Prompt me. Flashfic time. Perhaps comment fic. Also, a variation: anybody can play. If a prompt grabs you, love it and let it be yours. Respond in a comment or if it runs away with you, respond elsewhere.

Prompts are: words, brief scenarios, snatches of dialog, images, icons.
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Now that I'm no longer listening to the Orb, I have the horrifying Queen song stuck in my head. And the only version of it I have is a mixed version spun at frenetic BPM in the middle of an Armin/Corsten Godskitchen set. Killer set. I should swing you the file.
ooh, that does sound nice. Yes plz on the files should we ever see one another again. ;)
Blade Runner in T's new theater (pronounced the-ay-ter). I'm telling ya. Tell us when to show up and what to bring other than the disks.
Can you consider my icon of giles/anya a prompt? I need some cheering up! :)
I want something based on this icon.

Yay! for the Flash Gordon reference!

And if the icon doesn't inspire you or if you want another prompt to play with, here's another idea:

Giles vs an insane customer in The Magic Box.

Have fun!
Put that tea down and ravish me now.

That line would never work. Giles would stare at her, then either he'd check her for demon possession, magical influences, or regular insanity. Or he'd change the subject while stuttering so much he would have a hard time making it through a single sentence. That would be charming in a tweed-geek kinda way, but it wouldn't do anything to help this

Yummy tea smell, all aromatic and sharp and reminding her of winter rainy days. Giles-cologne, faint but something she'd never smelled on anybody else. Silky-soft cotton sweater, wrapped around a warm male body right next to her. Giles body. Oh god.

Hey, Giles, wanna go see a movie or something some time?

As improvements went, a significant not. Too teenaged. You couldn't ask Giles out to the movies. You told him you had two tickets to Aida and would he care to join you oh yes and wear the dinner jacket. Then you spent what was left of your bank balance on the dress that would make you look thirty instead of twenty, and not thirty in the bad way with the moisturization regimen.

Giles had crowsfeet around his eyes and wrinkles in his forehead and smile lines. And he was the only person she'd ever trained with who'd kept up with her in any way. Unlike Xander, he never whined about how much it hurt.

Wanna do the Watcher-Slayer with benefits thing?

This line was either the full backflippy stick-the-landing win or a ten-point-oh faceplant. It depended on what Giles made of those old Watcher journals, which he just had to have read. Either he was all starchy about it or he'd been waiting for her to make the first move all the time. The pressure of deciding which was making Buffy's tummy feel like she'd just launched herself from the high bar and was making the sad discovery that the ground was the other way.

Giles had buried his face in the styrofoam cup again. Only cafe in town that brewed decent tea, he'd said, and somehow he'd talked them into making it to go. Charmed them into it, honestly, with that convenient stammer and a bit of talk about how happy he was to find Americans who treated tea properly. Buffy was almost sure he'd been laying it on thick. He'd had an orgasmic expression when he'd taken his first sip. Orgasm. Giles. Oh god. Buffy was in trouble.

Put that tea down and--

Giles turned away. Was he getting up? No. He was putting the tea down next to hers on the shelf. He turned back and tilted his head. "Buffy?"

"Oh, you... Ravish me now, dammit."
(squees with delight)

(reaches for virtual - and non-stinky or smoky - cigarette)

Oh baby! That's what I like!
Flash! Aaaaaahhhhhh! Savior of the Universe!

How about this as a prompt:

"Mrs. Giles, we're needed."

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Mmmm... how about something from the core 4 verse? Maybe sex magic pr0n? Skyclad scoobies on the solstice?
Choosing life
or Death, no time like the present.

(From "The Man Running Naked Into the Dark" by Robert Cording)