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And now I'm off to run in my weighted hamster wheel

The 2008 DVD Commentary Challenge is now taking signups for authors willing to be commented upon and from commenters. It seems pretty SG-* heavy without a lot of Buffyverse participation, but perhaps we could change that? How about the Who fandom in its massivity descending upon it?

The results from last night's poll are... predictable. Only 1 person (bless you, Fuzzy) wants to read the three things with Xander I have nearly finished. Everybody else wants to read the next Blackmail segment, which I warn you all is 100% Buffy/Riley. This bears out my archive site stats, which I've been following in the last 3 weeks: people are reading kinky Giles/Buffy and everything else is also-ran. Huh.

I spent a couple of hours last night setting up a Dreamwidth development environment on my desktop Mac. Most of the time was spent waiting for various things to compile under MacPorts. I don't use Perl at all, because I am civilized, so I had no recent perl installation with boatloads of modules, etc., so I had a lot of installing to do. Haven't actually started attempting to suss out the mindset of the codebase yet. Perhaps this weekend I'll pick a bug and start spelunking.

I will experiment with posting this using Deepest Sender.

Warning: some words appearing in this post might be entirely made up. Impenetrability!
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The DVD commentary thing looks intimidating but cool. As does the Dreamwidth project -- good luck! :-)

I know what you mean about intimidating: eek! My prose under a magnifying glass! Eek! All the pores will be visible!

I'm rooting for synecdochic and Dreamwidth to succeed and give fandom a solid new home.
Didn't I vote for Xandery stuff? As well as kinky!Buffy? I'm pretty sure I did, as I love the Attic series.
Attic Series
Ok, so I didn't vote, mainly because I can never figure out how to vote (I only ever see the results), but...I too vote for more xander/giles attic series (though I love the blackmail series too, and pretty much everything else, so I guess I'm just really voting for more please ;). Just wanted you to know that my love of the attic series is pretty much equal with the blackmail verse.

Re: Attic Series
Hmm, I think you might need to be logged in with an LJ account before you can vote at all. I have voting open to everybody, but I think "everybody" is defined as LJ people only. Oh well!

I'm thrilled to hear you like the attic series! I hope to give you more of it soon (properly drafted & redrafted and beta-read :))
I've been hoping for the second part of Rough Boys since you posted the first. I love your Giles and Xander!
That's definitely on my short list of stories to get into complete draft form soon. It's on its way to a second draft and I believe I have drsquidlove's offer of a beta-read. When I get there. I haven't been able to write for a week. Wait, let me re-frame that. I've been recharging the writing brain for a week. Yeah. That's it.
I voted late (today) but I voted for Xander stuff, too, along with tons of other stuff, being completely unhelpful. I read most everything by you, even if my stuff to read is so backlogged right now it's not even funny.