I've got a theory

I'm not satisfied with how my writing has been going recently, so I'm going to shake things up a bit.

With my second summer_of_giles day, I have met the last of my fannish deadlines. My plan is to sign up for no more things that have due dates for the near future. I'll do SoG next year, just 'cause it's Summer of Giles. But any other deadlines will be gently declined until my mood about deadlines changes. I have some other theories.

Near-term plans:

  • Read all the SoG posts I missed and make sure I've commented on everything. This will be fun.
  • Finish some pieces for kink_bingo. Round 1 closes in a month, so I have a month to finish at least one line. I have a choice here of several things in progress, from angsty Giles/Xander to angsty Giles/Ethan.
  • Write tagfic for sahiya, who wants Giles, Ethan, and Buffy in the Tardis with Nine and Rose.
  • Pick something else to finish and knock off the list.
  • Lather, rinse, repeat.


  • Re-focus on craft. Practice something new.
  • Revise and re-revise. No more finishing and posting immediately.
  • Write longer stories.
  • Complete at least one longer storyline. Wipeout a WIP!
  • Start working on original fiction as well.

Title Pairing Description Progress Due Date
Untitled Giles/Xander kink_bingo "penance" prompt. G/X Atticverse. Giles tells Xander about Randall. 1K words
Untitled Giles-Buffy friendship kink_bingo "hand fetish" prompt. G/X Atticverse. Giles tells Buffy about Ben. Paternalism and murder and Watchers and Slayers. 3K words soon
"Memory" Giles/Xander kink_bingo "tattooing" prompt. G/X Atticverse. Xander wants to remember. Giles wants to forget. 3K words nearly done
"Three Firsts" (working) Giles/Ethan kink_bingo "temperature play" prompt. Blackmail verse. Giles meets Ethan. rough outline
A Broken Vessel Giles/Ethan Blackmail-verse, preseries, a bit grim. Ethan has discovered the whereabouts of a book about Eyghon. Giles has doubts. Now in three segments, all about the group of friends who'll summon the demon together. making progress ?
  "Into the Fray" continuation Giles/Ethan, Ninth Doctor, Buffy, Rose The morning after Buffy overturns his flat to cook Thanksgiving dinner, another sort of overturn happens: a blue police box appears in his courtyard. Giles knows what that means. vague notes next tagfic
That Alchemical Trap Story Giles/Buffy Buffy wakes up in a cave, next to an unconscious Giles. It's a puzzle. Lots of magic. 6500 words ?
Blackmail 3: "Liegeman" 3 Giles/Buffy Kinktastic G/B season 4 retelling, in 70 parts of about 1500-2000 words each. 2 parts posted. Remaining 5 parts exist in rough outline with some segments more written than others. in progress  
"Rough Boys" Giles/Xander Heavy kink set at end of S4. 11K words ?
The Signet Ring (working) Giles/Buffy Buffy's run away. Giles is trying to find her. So is Willow, in her way, only the spell goes a out of control and sends Buffy further than Willow expected. Further in time, that is. 11K words  
Watcher's Child verse, next story Giles/Jenny Eyghon comes back, and possesses Jenny. Giles comes clean to Buffy,, but she's not the only one with painful questions. story notes  
"Back by Teatime" continuation Giles/Ethan, Second Doctor, Jamie Giles and Ethan long for adventure, something to relieve the tedium of school. And they get an adventure. vague outline  
  Helios Hyperion, whatever the next number is Giles/Buffy Giles and Buffy wake up the next morning, and find their fake memories of Dawn are gone. They have real memories of the last three years, and a lot of questions. vague notes  
Cloud Animals, "Partners" 2 Giles/Xander Soft, gentle, post-Chosen G/X series. Wesley is grumpy. Kennedy is grumpy. Cardiff is overrun. Xander is about to screw up. 2600 words on hold
Tradition & Protocol Giles/Buffy Cracktastic season 4 retelling in progress. Next section still where it was a year ago. Outlined, half written.  
Ars Draconis 4 Giles/Buffy partnership Swords and sorcery gen season 5 rework. I have an overall story outline, but no detailed outline for the next section, and a lot of internal conflict about what needs to happen. Aside from the climactic scene, which I've had clear in my head for months.    
"Readings" guess Season 5, mix of drama and comedy. Giles does a Tarot reading to help himself end his romantic funk, but gets answers he doesn't want to hear. And then Ethan shows up. 10K words  
  Reconnection 4 Giles/Buffy Willow's on the run, but there's a wedding to plan. notes  
"Breaking Glass"-verse Giles/Buffy Aka the NaNoWriMo project, aka the Christian Watcher-Slayer bond novel. Nearly 60K words of story, starting in season 2 with Jenny Calendar dead, ending up in England with Quentin Travers, er... something. Religion, guilt, amends, prophecy, sacrifice & reward, lost artifacts, history drowned deep. Epic hurt/comfort. The story I want most to write. 60K words, about 50%  
And Wesley Makes Four Giles/Wesley, Buffy/Willow Smutty hijinks at a vacation house on the coast. Wesley's point of view. 3700 words  
"Displaced Watcher" sequel gen Crossover with the universe of Sherlock Holmes. Loose plan exists; Giles, Buffy, Holmes, and Watson, versus... Ethan and Moriarty? No way.    
Untitled Giles/Spike Buffy dies in a blaze of light and takes the Hellmouth with her. Giles is left behind with a grieving, injured, sanshued Spike. rough notes  
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I hope it works out for you. I took a vow not to enter any more communities/challenges earlier this year, and failed miserably to begin with. I wrote something for winter_of_angel and then something for spring_spangel because I couldn't not, and then finally I ran out of steam and decided that I had to put everything else on hiatus so I could finish AoU.

I didn't post anything in summer_of_giles and felt really bad about it. Still do, in fact.


However, things were going better until I was stupid enough to sign up for a Torchwood fandom ficathon. I can't think what came over me. I must have had a brainstorm or something.

Am never, ever doing it again.
The seasonal fests are some of my favorite things, in part because I can plan for them months in advance and post something big. Which I totally failed to do this year: I stared at my dates rushing at me like a deer in the headlights. OMG bright ouch!

Torchwood ficathon: eek! I am dipping my toe into writing for Who proper, though, so who am I to criticize? (And I'm still unsure if Giles and Xander will encounter Jack in Cardiff in one of the storylines I'm working on.)
Wow! That's a lot to do! Some of those stories sound so intriguing!

Writing longer stories! I am so willing to read longer stories, the "Broken Glass" 'verse would be cool. Just, y'know, whatever, whenever - no pressure on the delicate writing machinery.
Oh, man, that list doesn't stress me out at all. Sometimes when I look at it I get so excited and frustrated I want to burst. I don't have enough time! There aren't enough hours in the day! Sometimes I resent with a burning fire every second I have to spending cleaning up the [discussion of proprietary software redacted].

Expectations from other people stress me. I have also managed to let deadlines start stressing me instead of motivating them. They're now a guarantee of poor performance from me. So they gotta go until I get the head straightened out.
If you need a beta reader, I can probably do anything without explicit sex in it. Can't guarantee how quickly I can get them done, as I'm about to start my internship, but I'd be happy to help any way I can.
My other resolution is: less sex more plot. To go along with the much more leisurely pace of writing and editing. I will likely beg for assistance you along with some other flistians who are active in their churches when I get deep into some storylines that involve religion. While my ability to quote from memory random bits of Psalms and the Gospels is decent, my grasp of Anglican liturgy is not. (Though I dunno how far it goes with my readers. There are two bits of biblicality in one of the G/X kink things I just posted, to go along with the Donne. I figure Giles has a mind like that, quoting Paul more or less the way Xander might quote The Matrix. I don't know if anybody noticed.)

Yammer yammer.

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I just wanted to drop a quick comment to say first, I think refocusing on craft and giving yourself more space to create and revise and live in the words is a very personal, and valid choice. I have loved reading your fics ever since I ventured into this fandom about 6 months ago...and I think maybe that is why I respect the urge to refocus - because you are that good.

And that transitions nicely to my second comment - that last little "start working on original fiction" too. I have to throw heaps of encouragement at you toward that. I used to write pretty prolifically in another fandom, and about 4 years ago I decided I needed to try my hand at some other things - including writing original fiction.

I sometimes miss fanfiction, and itch once in a while to try new fandoms (like this one), but for me I had to go cold turkey because I needed to dedicate myself to original work. I am now revising my first YA novel and getting ready to send it out.

So, I would hate to see less from you, because I so look forward to your fics, but I respect and encourage you to also focus on some original stuff, very much because I so look forward to your fics.

Good luck with all writing projects and refocusing etc.

Re: Refocussing
Congrats on your first novel! And may the revisions go well! And I will say one thing to you that my husband always says to me: "What's the difference between you and [insert writer's name here]? Oh, right, they *submitted their work*." Send it out!

I hope I don't have to go cold turkey, though. Fanfic-writing scratches an itch that's different from the one I feel when I contemplate my original-universe story ideas.
That list is impressive. And everything on it looks great.

Please take all the time you need, we are willing to wait for a long time for your fics. Especially longer ones. Complex ones. Wonderful ones.
!!! How on earth do you manage to work on so many different fic at once? I can barely keep up with a measley (measely? sp?) three or four, and most of those are very, very short.

I like the way you have a, uh, map/graph/diagram/thingy of where all your works are up to. Maybe I should do that.

Words. Broken. Gone. All. Or something. *headdesk*
Maybe only three or four of those are getting active attention at any one time. For instance, the first three on the list are from the same overall storyline, so I'm jumping around in them writing as I feel the urge. Then a second storyline will be what I call my "fidget story", something I tinker with when I'm stuck on the main one.

So I'm not really working on them all at once. I just have them sitting there in my fic repository, blinking at me like cats who want to be fed.
Man, just reading all of that makes me a little ill. Good luck with it all. I can't wait to see some of it.