And for the remainder of your weekend, have some Muppets!

Oh, flist, I apologize for whinging at you so much the last week. Here, have a Beaker video. You might enjoy following links to related videos. I enjoyed the Statler and Waldorf ones. Or try this Beaker sings Coldplay mashup.

The pro-looking ones are Disney's viral marketing for their upcoming exploitation of their Muppets properties. Tragically Henson-less, as the world itself is deprived of him, but funny anyway.

In addition, for those of you with me in Cult Macintosh, I point you to CoverSutra, a nifty and gorgeous iTunes controller. Here it is on my desktop, looking fab.
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ooh new Mac toy and the Muppets, both things I love, thanks :)
You linked me to Muppets. MUPPETS!

You are now my most favorite person for at least the next 5 hours.

The Beaker/Coldplay thing was fantastic.
I loved the Muppet vid they did for the fourth of July but my new favorite is the Beaker "Ode to Joy", especially if we play when Liam is around, he tries to sing along!

*uses my only Muppet icon*
You beat me at posting those! The Beaker ones just crack me up every time I watch them.