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Finally with the writing

The nth outline draft in the last week finished. And this one I have decided to attempt to write. Draft in progress. Short story, maybe creeping up in length a bit to novella. Started life as the Giles/Olivia thing I mentioned earlier. Only now she barely appears in it, I'm afraid. That just wasn't what the story was about, at the core. Coercive Council magic practiced on unwitting Watcher-candidate children, still there. Council researchers writing tidy monographs on abnormal Slayer psychology, yes. Snitty!Giles, yes. Frustrating demon, yes.

We'll see how the exercise in plotting turns out. If this works out well, I'll try it out on the Giles-meets-Holmes story, see if I can't improve the plan for that. And then, back to the N-LBS, with renewed confidence. At least that's how I hope it'll work out. Neurosis might always intervene.

So, a decent Sunday. And I even did the dishes.

PS: I also re-read that Frederic Brown short story I mentioned yesterday, "The waveries". The Swain two-sentence summary technique doesn't work on it. There's kinda no question phase. And yet I love the story. Even if it is dangerously close to one of those Heinlein essays-with-dialog. So take that, Dwight V. Swain!
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