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FIC LINK: three stories about Giles and Xander (FRM)

I perpetrated more fic and loosed it on an unwilling world this evening for my second day at summer_of_giles, my favoritest seasonal comm ever. (Shocking!) They're in the same Giles/Xander post-Chosen series as the ones I posted last month, so I recap the list in sequence here. Mild kink, not particularly explicit sex, tone moving from cheerful to angsty and back. New ones marked with a plus sign.

"Bootprints" (BtVS, Giles/Xander, vehicular)
"Bent" (BtVS, Giles/Xander, watersports)
"Banter" (BtVS, Giles/Xander, dirty talk)
+ "Timeout", (BtvS, Giles/Xander, sensation play)
+ "Trio", (BtvS, Giles/Xander, sleepy/unconscious)
"Weapons" (BtVS, Giles/Xander, knifeplay)
(three as-yet unfinished pieces that I might post on July 31)
+ "Rollercoaster" (BtVS, Giles/Xander, wild card (shaving))

As before, the ones with the most difficult emotional material remain unposted.
Tags: fic:giles/xander, fiction, kink bingo, series:attic, summer of giles

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