Giles/Xander watcher

FIC LINK: three stories about Giles and Xander (FRM)

I perpetrated more fic and loosed it on an unwilling world this evening for my second day at summer_of_giles, my favoritest seasonal comm ever. (Shocking!) They're in the same Giles/Xander post-Chosen series as the ones I posted last month, so I recap the list in sequence here. Mild kink, not particularly explicit sex, tone moving from cheerful to angsty and back. New ones marked with a plus sign.

"Bootprints" (BtVS, Giles/Xander, vehicular)
"Bent" (BtVS, Giles/Xander, watersports)
"Banter" (BtVS, Giles/Xander, dirty talk)
+ "Timeout", (BtvS, Giles/Xander, sensation play)
+ "Trio", (BtvS, Giles/Xander, sleepy/unconscious)
"Weapons" (BtVS, Giles/Xander, knifeplay)
(three as-yet unfinished pieces that I might post on July 31)
+ "Rollercoaster" (BtVS, Giles/Xander, wild card (shaving))

As before, the ones with the most difficult emotional material remain unposted.
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Good heavens, you've been busy. and lovely G/X, Emu will be *so* pleased. :-)
I've been working on these for the last two months or more. Feels painfully slow to me, because I can't seem to finish any of the pieces. But yes, Emu should enjoy :)
Ugh. *need to reboot brain*. Naked, blindfolded, bound to a bed Giles. Ugh.

Thank you so much for sharing these stories.
I really like this 'verse and how you deal with the aftermath of season 7. A still shell-shocked Giles is trying to redefine himself and survive to his memories. He feels so unworthy and tainted by his life and deeds, so thank you for giving him a mature Xander to lean on. I really love your Xander, willing to do everything he can to help Giles to deal with his demons.

Timeout and Trio are amazing. How hot Xander is when he's in charge. I like that he plays Giles's anchor, when the latter is overwhelmed by sensations and memories. And even if the dream is bittersweet (and hot, can't forget hot), it must have been a relief for Giles to dream about Jenny and Ethan in a good non-macabre way. Bet it doesn't happen often.
I like Ethan giving him hints about who he really is (so much more than the last Watcher of a Council in ashes) and that his path has led him to this particular group.
Rollercoasting gives us a Giles much more balanced and that makes me happy. It has taken time and some very angsty moments, but he gets better. Yipee!

btw, you wrote "Buffy given him instructions" in Rollercoaster.
Thanks for the typo report. Will fix now. (I always find a few lurking, so these days I plan to do a re-read a while after I post and quietly edit them away.)